Tag Splitcake 50g Carnival

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Tag Splitcake 50g Carnival

50g Split-Cake containing 3 Neon colors side by side. Neon Blue, Neon Yellow, and Neon Magenta.



You save $1.00 (6%)!

Perfect for your easy one load sponge base work.

Spray the cake with water to moisten, then drag your sponge over the cake back and forth to pick up all colors. Then apply the sponge to the skin in one direction and watch as the colors instantly blend perfectly with total ease!

When applied, the face paint will last all day without cracking or fading and is so soft on the skin you won’t even know it’s there!

TAG Body Art is a professional face & body paint company from Australia that has taken the industry by storm with their amazing range of split-cakes!

Tag Body Art

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eleonor elisan sul Sun at 2:35 am

where i can buy all these things as walk in? i am living here in al ain united arab emirates,please advice. thank you.


Philadelphia Tivoli Sat at 9:14 pm

We don’t know of any shops in the UAE, but we can ship there if you place your order online at: http://www.facepaintingtips.com


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