Snazaroo Butterfly Fan Brush

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Snazaroo Butterfly Fan Brush

Easily paint a beautiful butterfly wing instantly with our Butterfly Brush!



You save $1.00 (11%)!


The Snazaroo Butterfly Brush is the fan brush cut by hand to make a butterfly wing shape. With this brush you can easily paint a beautiful butterfly wing instantly!

If you handle these brushes with care, they will last a very long time giving you the chance to create more beautiful artwork.


Clean your brushes with brush soap after every gig, shape the bristles with your fingers and leave to dry on an angle so that the water runs down and out through the bristles. This will help your brushes last longer.

Snazaroo was established in 1989 and today its UK factory creates and supplies quality hand-made face and body paints, along with hundreds of other face painting supplies.

Snazaroo puts an emphasis on quality and safety. All paints comply with the strictest cosmetic regulations, are water-based and are easy to apply and remove which has inspired huge brand loyalty over the years.


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Joanne Boehlke Thu at 6:17 pm

For a week I have been trying to purchase the butter fly brush and the paradise brush and they are both out of stock. Will you please let me know when they are available. I’m looking forward to using them. Thank you


Joanne Boehlke Mon at 8:08 pm

Will you please tell me when you are restocked for the double filbert and the butterfly! I am anxious to receive both of them. Thank you


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