Mehron Practice Head

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Mehron Practice Head

Perfect for practicing your face painting when you don't have a live model.



You save $5.00 (13%)!

The practice head by Mehron is similar to a mannequin head, and an excellent way to practice face painting designs. Head is made of a soft plastic and allows the paint to flow on the skin smooth.

*** IMPORTANT PLEASE READ ***: Before painting your practice head it is recommended you spray it with hair spray, to prevent staining.  Also try to wash the head as soon as possible after painting it. Due to the high pigmentation of some of the brands of face paint, not all colors remove easily from this practice head. We recommend that you don’t use any dark colors like black, blue, dark green, dark purple etc Use soap and water to wash – Mr Clean Magic Eraser also does a brilliant job of cleaning this practice head.

This professional quality, washable practice head is the ideal learning tool to perfect face painting basics, practice specific techniques, test new makeup products and create your own unique designs.

Run out of willing faces? We have the answer – Mehron’s Face Painting Practice Head.

Guaranteed to hold still, not rub his or her eyes and never run out of patience.


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Belinda Sun at 7:47 am

When are you going to have the “practice heads” in stock? Please let me know because I do want one by November. Thank you.


Philadelphia Tivoli Sun at 4:52 pm

We just put in our order for those, so we should have them by mid October. Sorry for the delay!


arielina puntiel Thu at 3:33 pm

can i use my regular makeup to practice on the head?


Philadelphia Tivoli Thu at 6:20 pm



Philadelphia Tivoli Tue at 3:23 pm

We are ordering more today, hopefully we will have them in mid Feb. Sorry for the wait!


Jamie Rae Buck Wed at 10:56 am

Is there anyway you can shoot me an e-mail when you get the practice heads in, they seem to be always out of stock. I am waiting on them to place place the rest of my order. Thanks



Philadelphia Tivoli Wed at 2:24 pm

Hi Jamie, they should be here in 2 weeks, sorry for the wait!


Gina Wed at 12:04 am

I would also like to be notified when these are in stock. Please and thanks!


Philadelphia Tivoli Sat at 7:53 am

They are in stock right now!


Ruth Baker Thu at 7:02 am

How much does this head weigh?


Philadelphia Tivoli Tue at 3:33 pm

1.6 lbs


LATANYA RICHARD Mon at 1:50 pm

does the mannequin hold regular makeup? Im looking for mannequin to use in a makeup class-would you recommend this one? If so does the makeup hold on this one and how do you remove the makeup?


Philadelphia Tivoli Wed at 9:14 am

Yes, it can hold regular make up. Use soap and water to wash – Mr Clean Magic Eraser also does a brilliant job of cleaning this practice head.


rana Fri at 4:19 am

hello ,
do you sell practice mats instead of heads ??


rana Wed at 11:54 am

any response for my questions please


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