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How to Apply Zombie Makeup

Today, you'll find Zombies out in the movies, parties, and kids’ activities, particularly during the Halloween. It's an extremely popular character to dress up as, so here are a few tips to show you how to apply zombie make up.

Make the Flesh Bleed

Because zombies don’t undergo any form of decay, they literally have their flesh intact, but they can appear to have big open wounds that have been penetrated by disgusting insects like roaches, rats, and maggots.

Indeed, it’s totally gruesome, but if you’re meant to scare, then adding some “fresh flesh” all over your skin will make your friends and family tremble. Tips on how to apply zombie makeup include the use of molding wax on your skin with the use of liquid latex. They will stand as your wounds, scars, and scabs. Allow them to dry so they will stick much better on your skin. When it comes to the makeup, you can settle for base colors such as grey, which look truly great if you want to depict corpses coming straight from their grave. If you’re human that has just turned into the contemporary ghoul, you can use a color that is matching to your skin complexion. Add some yellow or green to emphasize that you are actually decaying, or your wounds are oozing with pus. As some body parts of the zombies are in their worst form of tear, you can perhaps paint some white shade on your head to simulate a skull that has already been exposed.

How to Make Scabs

Scars and scabs are the remnants of any injury that could have led to the death of a person. Normally, they are despised by many, but they do look awesome for somebody who’s playing zombie.

A common scab mixture shall include corn flour, 2 shades of lipstick, gelatin with no flavor, golden syrup, as well as cotton buds or two paint brushes.

Tips on how to apply zombie make up shall begin with the mixing of hot water and gelatin in a little jug. Stir them all together until the gelatin will melt. Allow the gelatin to stand for around 2 minutes while you occasionally stir them. For 10 minutes, permit the gelatin to cool off prior to placing them on your skin. You basically don’t want to create real scars, do you?

In a separate bowl, you can combine the scar-colored lipstick with the corn flour. As to how much more you are actually going to put will depend on what you want to achieve. If you want to make some scabs, add more corn flour than the lipstick. But if you like the look of scars much better, then include more lipstick.

Place the red lipstick in your body part where you want them to appear. Add more red too in its surrounding area. Using a paper towel, you rub the lipstick. This way, you can create some pinky look, which indicates that the scars are just fresh.

To learn how to apply zombie make up with step-by-step photos and instructions get the "The Halloween Make Up Guide".

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