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Hi, my name is Philadelphia (Founder of FacePaintingTips.com) and I want to help you learn how to face paint quickly and easily… and I know how to make it fun!

Here at FacePaintingTips.com we’ve created several face painting guides with step-by-step photos and instructions so that you can start face painting like a professional in no time!

Read on to find out about the different guides that can make face painting fun and easy!….

The Comprehensive Guide to Face PaintingThe Comprehensive Face Painting Guide

This guide will teach you all the full face face painting designs that you’ll need to know to start face painting professionally!

It has 50 Face Painting Designs (Full Face) complete with step by step photos and instructions including:

Baby Tiger, Bat, Beach & Dolphin, Blue Bird Warrior, Butterfly, Butterfly Multi-Color, Butterfly Side Profile, Butterfly Two-Color, Bunny Rabbit, Camouflage, Cat, Cheetah, Devil, Dragon, Fantasy Alien, Fantasy Blue Mask, Fantasy Flame Goddess, Fantasy Flutterby, Flower Princess, Flowers, Forest Fairy, Geisha, Gothic, Green Monster, Happy Clown, Island Sunset, Jewel Princess, Lady Butterfly, Ladybug, Lion, Luna Princess, Mime, Orange Slayer, Pirate, Purple Tribal, Puppy Dog, Rainbow Leaves, Red Spider Web, Red Tribal, Reptile, Robot, Sad Clown, Skull, Tiger, Tribal Dots, Underwater Theme, Vampire, War Warrior, Witch and Zebra!

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Cheek Art Designs Guide The Cheek Art Guide Vol. 1

This guide will teach you fun cheek art designs for girls and boys that are a hit at birthday parties and festivals!

It has 20 cheek art designs complete with step by step photos, instructions and even video tutorials! including….

Ice Cream, Balloons, Pink Butterfly, Apple, Frangipani, Musical Notes, Kissy Lips, Cat, Dog, Sun, Moon, Rainbow, Dove, Soccer Ball, Baseball & Bat, Spider, Skull & Cross Bones, Alien, Dragon and  Horse!

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Halloween Make Up GuideThe Halloween Make Up Guide

This guide will teach you all the face painting designs that you’ll need to know this Halloween!

It has 20 Halloween Face Painting Designs (15 Full Face & 5 Cheek Art) complete with step by step photos and instructions including:

Zombie, Skeleton, Mummy, Fire Witch, Pumpkin, Black Cat, Frankenstein, Egyptian, Werewolf, Monster, Gothic, Alien, Crazy Clown, Crow, Web Girl, Ghosts, Bat, Witch, Scared Cat and Pumpkin!

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Christmas Face Painting GuideThe Christmas Face Painting Guide

This guide will teach you all the face painting designs that you’ll need to know this Christmas!

It has 20 Christmas Face Painting Designs (15 Cheek Art & 5 Half Face) complete with step by step photos and instructions including:

Angel, Bell, Candy Cane, Christmas Present, Christmas Pudding, Christmas Stocking, Christmas Tree, Elf Mask, Gingerbread Man, Holly, Ice Angel, Noel Mask, Ornament, Rudolph the Reindeer, Santa, Snowflake, Snowflake Mask, Snowman, Star and the Xmas Mask!

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The Gold Face Painting Guides Collection (Hard Copy Book CD & DVD) SOLD OUT!!
Our 4 Popular Face Painting Guides in one HUGE HARD COPY BOOK!
Included in this 300 Page Manual Book, CD and DVD Package are “The Comprehensive Guide to Face Painting”, “Professional Face Painters Tricks, Techniques and Trade Secrets”, “The Cheek Art Guide Vol.1″, “The Halloween Make Up Guide” & “The Christmas Face Painting Guide” !!

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Boys Face Painting Designs, Halloween Face Painting Ideas

“Boys Will Be Boys” DVD By Mark Reid

This amazing instructional DVD by world famous artist Mark Reid will teach you how to easily paint creepy designs that are great for boys and for Halloween! He’ll teach you the all the right techniques to give your painting the ‘wow factor’.Mark Reid is a good friend of mine, I’ve taken his classes, interviewed him, modeled for him and now I’m promoting his new DVD because I just know that his designs, techniques and teaching skills are first class.

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“Boys Will Be Boys 2 ” DVD Tattoo Inspired Designs By Mark Reid

Popular Tattoo Inspired Designs from tribals to flame sleeves that boys love with Step by step video tutorials. Amazing Line Techniques that will instantly make your face painting look more professional! Features Wiser from Denver, Colorado. An incredible graffiti artist who has taken the Body Art industry by storm.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a complete beginner or you’ve been painting for years – you will learn a tonne from this internationally renowned artist and…

Never again will you wonder what to do with the boy standing in line in front of you…Because you’ll learn everything you need to know to work with confidence on boys face painting designs!

How to Start a Face Painting Business

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