Diamond FX Face & Body Paints

Diamond FX Face and Body Paints

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Diamond FX Face & Body Paints
Diamond FX is the new collection of professional water-base make-ups with superb coverage and high concentration of pigment. The Neon colors in our line are the most vivid on the market. Diamond FX face paints are easy to use and fantastic for line work as well as sponging.

The colors are amazing and can be painted over any color even white on black, while still maintaining its brightness and density.

When applied, the face paint/makeup will last all day without cracking or fading and is so soft on the skin you won’t even know it’s there!

There is no perfume in the make up. All essential and metallix products have been approved by the EU and FDA Institutions. Neon colors are considered for special effects only.

We just know you’ll love our Diamond FX face and body painting supplies!