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"Discover How to Face Paint the
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Face Painting Designs
that Children
Love, and Start Face Painting Today!

...EVEN If You've Never Picked Up
a Paintbrush Before!"

That's right! You can learn how to face paint with no experience...
Just follow our easy
face painting course with step-by-step facepainting designs,
And watch the kids race to line up for their turn, when they see your new talent!

Face Painting Designs Luna Princess


From: Philadelphia Tivoli
Founder, Face Painting Tips.
Tuesday, 4:15pm


Dear Friend, 

re you a mum who'll be face painting at her kids next birthday party or school festival? Or are you in the children's entertainment industry? Maybe you're an artist... a make up artist perhaps?

Well, whatever the case... If you'd like to start learning the easy, stress-free way and discover how to face paint with simple step-by-step photos and instructions then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read!

Here's the story...you see, any experienced face painter (like me) knows that there are just 4 basic things that you need to be a confident face painter:

1. Face painting designs and lots of them...
2. Knowing each stroke of each design...
3. To use the right tools the right way...and
4. Know some basic painting techniques …

Now, probably like you, I didn't have these four basic things when I started! I wasn’t "born" a face painter. But now, only a short time later, I do know these 4 basic things and more! I can confidently paint beautiful face painting designs and have taught others how to do so, all because...I had a professional face painter teach me things that I'm about to teach you!

And you don't even have to be naturally artistic! All you need to do is:
Follow my simple steps to each face painting design. It's that easy!

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 Now, Find Out How I Learned to
Paint Faces So Quickly...

When I started out, probably like you, I had no idea how to paint faces! But I was surprised at how quickly I learnt once I was shown exactly what I needed to do... one step at a time ...and it was fun!
Face Painting Designs - Pauline
I've always wanted to do face painting but I began learning when my sister-in-law Pauline Keogh (a professional face painter) needed another face painter to help paint the tonnes of kids at her daughter's 3rd birthday party.

So, she showed me how to face paint, by showing me each step to each face painting design. She also told me everything I needed to know from: what paint to use, to mixing colors, to brush technique.

Could you imagine if I didn't have all her knowledge at my fingertips when I started learning? I would have just been of picking up bits and pieces here and there... but instead I saved so much time and progressed at lightening speed!

... And How You Can Too!

Not only can I teach you how to face paint, I can give you a head start that will let you progress so quickly, your friends will wonder how you did it!

Pauline and I have already been teaching tonnes of people how to face paint. We’ve been successful because we make people realize that it’s really easy
 once you know the simple steps, tricks and techniques used by professionals

And luckily for you, you don't have to go out and buy a dozen different face painting books that will only give you a couple half descent tips or travel a long way to take a face painting class that will end up costing a fortune because…

I'm Going to Make Face Painting
Fast, Fun and Easy for You...

See, once you understand the specific, proven methods, you won't be overwhelmed... not knowing where or how to begin.

Because what I've done is put together a simple solution with each and every face painting "secret" I've learned and taught over the years. This information will help you understand what it really takes to confidently paint beautiful face designs at birthday/halloween parties, school fetes and fundraisers.

It's a complete downloadable package for people wanting to learn how to face paint with step-by-step photo photos and instructions called:

The Comprehensive Guide to Face Painting (Downloadable PDF) - The most comprehensive course of all the face painting courses out there!

If you're ready to see professional results in your face painting… then you'll soon have simple, proven techniques to painting faces that professionals use!

Here's Just Some of What I'm
Going to Share With You:

  • 50 Popular Face Painting Designs to inspire you and make sure you never run out of ideas when you need to paint a large group of people.

  • Over 600 Full Color Step-by-Step Photos of the 50 face painting designs to ensure that you know exactly how to face paint each design in the right order.
  • What Kind of Paint to Buy that will save you money by letting you know what important things to look out for when buying face paint.
  • What Kind of Brushes to Buy so that you don’t have to waste time searching through heaps of different brushes. You’ll be able to buy the right ones to make face painting a breeze.
  • How to Mix Colors and create tonnes of different colors using only the primary colors, black and white.
  • How to Create Your Own Designs so that you can show off face painting creations that you created all by yourself!
  • How to Blend Colors on the face so that you can create smooth looking contours and shapes in your designs.
  • How to Avoid Allergic Reactions testing the paints you’re using saving you the possibility of harmful skin damage.
  • Home Made Face Paint Recipe Warning! – There are loads of face paint recipes on the net and most of them aren’t SAFE! We’ll tell you why and what to avoid.
  • How to Paint with Detail so your face painting designs will definitely look professional!

Here Are The 50 Face Painting Designs
That You Will Receive:

1. Baby Tiger
2. Bat
3. Beach & Dolphin
4. Blue Bird Warrior
5. Butterfly
6. Butterfly Multi-Color
7. Butterfly Side Profile
8. Butterfly Two-Color
9. Bunny Rabbit
10. Camouflage
11. Cat
12. Cheetah
13. Devil
14. Dragon
15. Fantasy Alien
16. Fantasy Blue Mask
17. Fantasy Flame Goddess

18. Fantasy Flutterby
19. Flower Princess
20. Flowers
21. Forest Fairy
22. Geisha
23. Gothic
24. Green Monster
25. Happy Clown
26. Island Sunset
27. Jewel Princess
28. Lady Butterfly
29. Ladybug
30. Lion
31. Luna Princess
32. Mime
33. Orange Slayer
34. Pirate

35. Purple Tribal
36. Puppy Dog
37. Rainbow Leaves
38. Red Spider Web
39. Red Tribal
40. Reptile
41. Robot
42. Sad Clown
43. Skull
44. Tiger
45. Tribal Dots
46. Underwater Theme
47. Vampire
48. War Warrior
49. Witch
50. Zebra

Note: This list was compiled after extensive research into what professional face painters have been asked the most, what face painters want to learn and most importantly - what children love the most!

So, you know for sure that you’re getting designs that you’ll actually use...And that kids want to see!

Here are Snippets of Just Some of
the Designs You’ll Receive in
The Comprehensive Guide to Face Painting:

Face Painting Designs that you'll find in 'The Comprehensive Guide to Face Painting' with easy step-by-step guides!

With 50 Great Face Painting Designs complete with step-by-step photos and instructions you’ll never run out of ideas when face painting and know how to face paint with complete ease!

Of course, In order to completely follow the step-by-step instructional guides you’ll need to know all the tricks and certain face painting techniques as well… and you will!

Here Are Just Some of the Face Painting Techniques You Will Learn:

  • How to Paint Base Coats so that the other colors will go on smoother and stand out more brightly.
  • How to Paint Thin Lines when you need to delicately outline a design or paint whiskers with absolute ease.
  • How to Paint Fat to Thin Lines when your line work needs a bit more shape so you can create real character.
  • How to Paint a Straight Line with a simple trick that can be used to help many other face painting techniques.
  • How to Paint Dots with two different trade secrets that you can practice and pick which one works best for you!
  • How to Blend Colors Using the Drag and Blend Technique so you’ll be able to blend colors beautifully and neatly.
  • How to Paint Two Colors Near Each Other Without Having it Smudge which is a problem you’ll no longer have once you follow the simple steps for this technique.
  • How to Paint Symmetrical Designs with Ease both sides of your face painting design look good and even.
  • How to Create the Shimmer/Sparkle Effect when you want to add a bit of pizzazz to your face paintings.
  • How to Create the Fur Effect when painting animals which a realistic looking texture. Once you’ve learnt this you’ll blow your friends away! 
  • How to Use Stick On Jewels to add another dimension to your face paintings.
  • How to Apply Glitter Gels, Powders & Dusts to make your designs look beautiful so you don’t waste the money you spent on them.
  • How to Combine Cosmetic Makeup with Face Painting to easily create a face painting with different depths and textures that will look just  beautiful.

With the information in The Comprehensive Guide to Face Painting you can begin, or continue, your face painting with the confidence that you have a solid foundation of skills used by all of the best face painters.

Using these proven, practical skills and face painting tips, you can prevent making some of the most common mistakes, saving time and money, and create big smiles on heaps of children!  

Here’s a Little More About
What You'll Discover:

  • How to Face Paint with the Speed of A Professional Face Painter to give you more time to do more face painting and make more money.
  • How to Keep Your Brush and Hand Steady when painting with a trade secret so your designs won’t be ruined by a wobbly hand.
  • Keeping Hygienic and Knowing Who to Avoid Painting so that you don’t get into trouble with allergic reactions and skin infections.
  • The Colors You’ll Need to Get Started when face painting so you don’t waste money buying colors you’ll never use or can make yourself.
  • The Difference Between Face Paint Cakes, Crèmes, Crayons, Pencils & Liquids to end all the confusion you once had, it explains what each one is generally used for and how you can effectively use them.
  • How to Practice and Plan Your Designs when you don’t have a model. With these tips you’ll be able to practice painting in more than a few different ways without an actual person to paint on.
  • How to Set Up Your Work Place so you can easily set up your face painting workspace and function more efficiently. From where to put your brushes to where to place your face painting photos to dressing up for the occasion you’ll know exactly what to do with no worries and no stress because I’ve done all the hard work for you!
  • The Number of Brushes You’ll Need and What Shapes and Sizes so that you’ll have exactly the right tools to start painting with ease and a professional touch.
  • How to Make Money from Face Painting if you want face painting to be more than just a hobby you’ll absolutely need this to get started, it covers in order everything you must do to establish and promote a face painting business.
  • Where to Buy Face Paints, Brushes, Sponges, Glitter and Stick On Jewels online and offline saving you even more time and giving you some great tips!
  • The Best Brands in Face Paint to help you save time trying to find reputable safe face/body paint manufacturers and save you money so you don’t buy the wrong ones
  • The Most Popular Brushes Brands used by face painters internationally that will definitely give you head start in buying the good brushes.
  • A Trick to Effectively Apply Paint with Sponges - you’ll find out a great trade secret here in order to get a beautiful even coverage of paint, time and time again
  • Stipple Sponges Explained so that you can use this great tool to create a unique technique that will definitely make your designs look like a professional painted them.
  • When to Change and How to Wash Sponges when you’re painting more than one person to stay hygienic saving you from the troubles that come with unhygienic practice.
  • The Difference Between Glitter Gels, Powders & Dusts so you’ll know exactly which one you’d prefer before buying to make your designs sparkle.
  • What Kind of Glitter and Stick On Jewels Are Safe for use on the skin so you don’t buy the wrong ones which can be harmful to the skin, saving you time and a lot of money.
  • How to Take Care of Your Brushes by washing and storing them correctly to ensure for longer lifetimes of your brushes saving you more money.

I've laid everything out for you, step by step, in plain-spoken language without the fluff...just the facts you need to know about face painting and exactly how to get started. "The Comprehensive Guide to Face Painting" (Downloadable PDF) comes complete with all of the proven step-by-step photo guides -instructions you need to start face painting with a professional touch.

Here's What People Are Saying About
The Comprehensive Guide To Face Painting…

"I really love your ebook...
it has helped me progress quickly"

"Hi, Thanks I really love your ebook and it has helped me progress quickly... I am starting up a party face painting business so its been really helpful... I would definitely think about buying another book if you brought one out.

Thanks so much. Michelle xx"

Michelle Bowdery
aka "The Face Paint Fairy"
East Sussex, UK.

(Michelle painted the designs in the photos on her children with help from our step-by-step guide)

"I am so thankful that I found your website and bought your ebook..."

"Just wanted to send a big thankyou to Philadelphia.

I found your book to be a great starting point for beginners and was a fabulous reference tool to learn from.
Just the basic things like what paints, brushes etc I should be buying where of tremendous help to me.

I am so thankful that I found your website and bought your book. Otherwise I would have spent heaps of money on face paints that where no good and gave inferior results.

I also loved your step by step designs. A easy stress free way for beginners to learn to paint... My friend and I are doing painting for a bit of pocket money now and loving it :-)"

Amy from Sydney, NSW, Australia

"The designs I downloaded are beautiful
and well worth the investment...
I am making great money because of it!"

Face Painting Designs painted by Natalie Fox Hill (a happy customer) that she learned from The Comprehensive Guide to Face Painting."The designs I downloaded are beautiful and well worth the investment! They accommodate all skill levels and they really stand out from the other face painting websites I have seen.

I highly recommend Philadelphia's Face Painting Tips package.

I am so glad I did- and I am making great money because of it!"

Natalie Foxhill
Franklinville, NJ

(Natalie painted the designs in the photo on her family using our ebook)

"Your ebook tells you everything from A-Z,
...I got more than my money's worth."

"Hi Ms. Tivoli:

I LOVE YOUR eBOOK... So now I am hooked! What I like most about your ebook is it tells you everything from A-Z and it also let me know, that I should pace myself trying the easy ones first and then the more difficult. 

I downloaded a different guide for the same price from someone else and O my God, it was just awful. But with your ebook, I got more than my moneys worth!"

Janice Vincent

"I have read it all and it is the best
book to read as a beginner. It is invaluable."

"Your book was the best tool in advancing to the next level.
You have the best tips. I have read it all and it is the best
book to read as a beginner. It is invaluable.

Thank you!"

Blanca - (Member of the Face Paintimg
& Body Art Association - FPBAA)
Texas, USA

No Waiting For Shipping! 
The Comprehensive Guide to Face Painting
Is Downloadable!

"The Comprehensive Guide to Face Painting" is in electronic Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) that downloads right to your computer, seconds after you order. That's right! No waiting for a book to be delivered to your mailbox.

Once you make your payment, you will have INSTANT access to all the designs, all the instruction, everything you need to start face painting right now!  You can read it off of your computer screen or print it out. Whatever you prefer.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get…

Okay, here is exactly what you'll get in the whopping 219 pages of The Comprehensive Guide to Face Painting downloadable e-book package (PDF):

  • 50 Face Painting Designs with Over 600 Step-By-Step Photos and Instructions. You’ll never run out of ideas when you need to face paint the kids or even a large group of people. And each step will ensure that you know exactly what to paint where and in what order with complete ease.

  • Professional Face Painters Tricks, Techniques and Trade Secrets with everything you need to know about face painting from beginning to end. Professional painting techniques, what kind of paints and brushes to buy, how to make money out of face painting, how to create your own designs, how to mix and blend colors, how to face paint with detail, how to keep your brush steady, how to face paint with the speed of a pro face painter, how to use sponges, practice tips and loads more!

Discover how to face paint with The Comprehensive Guide to Face Painting eBook


Click Here to Order The Comprehensive Guide to Face Painting Today!

    How Much Will it Cost to Learn
    How to Face Paint the Easy Way?

    Well, first realize that hiring a professional face painter every time a special occasion arises will cost you at least US$60 - $100 per hour! In fact, if you were to hire me personally it would cost $150 per hour (with a 2 hour minimum).

    But I'm not going to charge you anywhere near the hundreds of dollars you'll save by not having to hire a face painter.

    If you respond today, you'll get to download:
    "The Comprehensive Guide to Face Painting"
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    And I'm confident that the information you will receive and the number of times you'll refer back to this book year after year will prove its value!

    I’ll Even Throw in the Following
    Bonuses Absolutely Free!!

    I want to make saying "yes" even easier by including the following 4 downloadable bonuses yours free making this a complete face painting package...

    BONUS #1: 10 Cheek & Body Designs - Value $14.95

    • 10 Cheek Art and Body Painting Design Ideas with photos and tips on how to do your own!

    • Designs include: Rainbow, Flower, Bumblebee, Fish, Tribal Wristband, Dragon Arm Band, Bird Arm Design, Flower Foot Design, Blue and Silver Necklace.

    BONUS #2: Painting Children: How to Keep Them Still - Value $9.95

    • Painting is one thing, but painting on a moving canvas is definitely another! It’s a problem that all face and body painters have, especially with children.

    • This report is full of great proven methods that will hopefully be helpful and give you the chance to paint on faces that won’t move enough to ruin all your hard work and practice. These designs are valued at $14.95 but for now it's yours free for acting today.

    BONUS #3: How to Take Great Photos of Your Children - Value $9.95

    • How to Take Great Photos of Your Children: And Capture Your Face Painting Creations - Painting is one Parents generally all think that it’s hard to take photos of their children but that’s really only because they’re not aware of the great tips found in this report.

    • These tips will make taking photos of your face paintings on your children much easier and more fun for everybody involved so you can make more beautiful additions to your photo album.

    BONUS #4:   How to Face Paint with the Confidence of a Professional - Value $9.95

    • One thing that many new face painters and artists of all sorts have in common is a lack of confidence when picking up a paintbrush or showing other peoples their artwork.

    • This report will give you an insight into confidence, thinking positively, setting and achieving goals and practicing so that you too can paint with the confidence of a professional face painter.

    Total Value of Bonuses:   US$44.80… but for now they’re yours FREE for just acting today and buying The Comprehensive Guide to Face Painting!

    Click Here to Order The Comprehensive Guide to Face Painting!

    By the way, these bonuses are yours to keep even in the unlikely event you decide to take advantage of our 90 day Money Back Guarantee:

    You Can't Lose With Our 100%,
    Ironclad, Money Back Guarantee!

    How to face paint 100% Money Back GuaranteeYour satisfaction is assured through my no risk, you can't lose, 100%, no questions asked, iron-clad money back guarantee.

    If for any reason, you aren't thrilled and satisfied with your purchase, just contact me within 90 days and I'll refund 100% of your purchase price.  

    Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed and with no risk so you have nothing to lose!

    Are you ready to learn how to face paint and amaze your friends and family with all the designs, techniques and trade secrets you're about to discover?

    Don't put this off! Start face painting today and see how easy it really can be to paint with our step-by-step photo guides, tips, tricks and trades secrets.

    Get Your Download of The Comprehensive Guide to
    Face Painting in the next 2 minutes

    Discover how to face paint with The Comprehensive Guide to Face Painting eBook Yes Philadelphia! I want to secure my download of The Comprehensive Guide to Face Painting and the free bonuses (with a total value of US$71.80) for the one-time investment of only $49 US$27!

    I understand that The Comprehensive Guide to Face Painting and bonuses is downloaded online (not a hard copy book) so I will have access to everything in the next 2 minutes!

    To claim your copy click on the link below to go to the order page:...

    Click Here to Order The Comprehensive
    Guide to Face Painting Today!

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    How to Face Paint Satisfaction GuaranteedDon't put this off! Start face painting today and see how easy it really can be to paint with our step-by-step photo guides, tips, tricks and trades secrets.

    Just imagine yourself painting faces at your kids birthday parties, seeing all the smiles, and happiness not to mention all that cash you will have saved by not hiring a face painter!

    And think of the convenience of learning how to face paint like a professional in the comfort of you own home! No need to go out to a book store to get this book, no dragging yourself to classes - just a super duper easy way to discover face painting and have a lot of fun!

    Happy Face Painting,

    Philadelphia Tivoli Signature - Face Painting Designs

    Philadelphia Tivoli

    As long as you order today
    you're guaranteed to get “The Comprehensive Guide to Face Painting” and all the bonuses for an incredibly low $49

    Click Here to Order The Comprehensive Guide to Face Painting!

    P.P.S Remember, you have 90 days (3 months) to check out “The Comprehensive Guide to Face Painting” and put it to practice. If for whatever reason you're not satisfied, please let me know and I'll refund the money you paid and you can keep the bonuses. No questions asked.

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