One-Stroke Rose Painting VIDEO Tutorial By Jinny

by Philadelphia Tivoli · 26 comments

ROSE BODY PAINTING - PARADISE PRISMA BLENDSETWatch this video to see how world renowned/celebrity face & body painter Jinny uses her Paradise FLEUR Prisma BlendSet & GlitterMark Silver to paint beautiful Roses and Leaves!



Each color combination was designed to the exact specifications of world famous face & body artist and instructor: Jinny (as seen in the video). The large surface of the rectangular cake has equal amounts of each color and are made with the smooth and creamy Paradise AQ make up that blends seamlessly on the skin to a vibrant finish.

Application with Sponge:
Dampen sponge in water, ring out any excess water. Begin by placing the sponge at one end of the Prism cake and swipe the sponge across to the other side, back and forth without lifting the sponge. This helps keep the lines in place. When sponge is fully loaded, place on the area to be designed and “pat” colors onto the skin.

Application with Brush:
Wet the Custom Designed Square Paradise AQ brush (1 inch or 3/4 inch) and place it at one end of the Prisma cake and swipe the brush to the other side, back and forth without lifting the brush. This helps keep the colors in place. When the brush is fully loaded begin your design by placing the brush on the area to be designed and brush the colors on. Remove with soap and warm water.


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Sharon Danley Mon at 2:14 pm

Great work! An excellent blend of artistry showing how much further the art can go beyond the usual expectations of face paint.


Nicole Gormandy Mon at 2:16 pm

Thank you so much….will definitely practice this design..please continue to post more…


Lloyd Mon at 3:38 pm

Just great


Corrine Mon at 4:12 pm

Thank you so very much for sharing this tecnique with us.
I definitely will try it. It is just beautiful.
I live in Lima Peru South America and I can´t get these kind of classes here. I have taken most of the classes that they have here, but there is nothing like your art THANK YOU!
I will be looking forward to any and all videos that you can send me.


Lorie McLelland Mon at 4:26 pm

Thank you so much! Of all the rose demonstrations I’ve seen, this has been the most helpful. Your steps make it achievable. I can’t wait to try this. Also, what was that background song with the woman singing, it was beautiful.


Philadelphia Tivoli Tue at 12:05 am

I think that was Norah Jones singing “The Prettiest Thing” – I’m a big fan :-)


Betty Clark Mon at 5:03 pm

This has been one of my very special lessons. Can’t thank you enough for doing a rose as I have been doing a little different and I love your way of doing it, Please continue to post more excelent ways of paint painting. God Bless you .


Laura Mon at 5:55 pm

As always, Jinny is so fabulous….thank you for showing us another way to do roses….can’t wait to try! :-)


ADA Mon at 6:11 pm

Es lo mejor que he visto en face painting y he visto mucho y de los mejores del mundo, supera a Ambah, de Australia, que es mucho decir. Felicidades Jinny!!!


ARI Mon at 10:21 pm

WoW! Jinny is such an inspiration Thanx!


Luciana Martionez Tue at 2:53 am

ual!!!, Sou do Brasil e amo muito este trabalho e tento implantar aqui no Brasil, amei muito estas artes, senti a sua inspiração e cheguei a ter arrepios e chorei de emoção… Parabens !!! estou encantada com tudo isto!!!


Sherry Burdsal Tue at 4:07 am

I have been a decorative painter for years but have just started face painting this past May. I love it!! Of course, I already had brushes and knew the stroke techniques so it came fairly easily for me. I LOVE the prisma and arty cakes. Your work is beautiful and so inspirational. Sherry B.


Ali Tue at 5:51 am

Jinny, I loved your rose tutorial. I will definitely try it. What size brushes did you use?


Philadelphia Tivoli Tue at 6:42 am

Looks like Jinny is using the Paradise Prisma 1inch Square Brush for the petals/leaves:

And a Paradise Medium Round Brush for the white dots:



Julie Tue at 6:38 am

Thanks so much Jinny, I just painted my first roses AND they actually look like roses! lol I did the black & white version double loading a 1/4 inch brush. Now I’m off to cut up my cakes and make splits and rainbows for MORE ROSES!! Thanks again, all the way from Australia.


Kris in Alaska Tue at 8:15 am

Love the video! I’m a One Stroke certified instructor and this is how I got into face painting! I figured if I can teach OS classes I can sure paint on someones skin! Thanks!


ADA Tue at 8:38 pm

Wow Jinny!!! Finally I learned to paint a real rose, thank you very much.I have been looking for it for a long long time. I’m a face painter and I look every video, but your rose hasn’t comparison. You are the best!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tamara Wed at 11:48 am



bubbles the kozmik klown Thu at 3:49 am

Absolutely Gorgeous! Black and Blue Roses are my Favorite!!
Thanks for posting!


Aletha Tue at 3:58 am

I would have loved to see the video but a message popped up “video can not be veiwed on mobile”. So sad. Can you fix? Thank you,


hiba Mon at 11:20 pm

does the gel glitter wash off as easily as the paint? how long does it last for?


Philadelphia Tivoli Mon at 11:27 pm

Hi Hiba, the gel glitter washes off with soap and water just as easily as the paint does. As long as you don’t touch/rub the gel glitter it can last for hours :-)


Sandy Mon at 1:56 pm

Hi(: I have a blendset also. My question is how did you get the paint on the brush. I guess I can’t picture it with the blendset. Seems to me it would smear into the other colors of the set. I understand how to paint them that was clear from your video. Just wanted to see how you got it on the brush…
Thank you. Lovely tutorial…I know how to paint roses easy.


Philadelphia Tivoli Mon at 5:05 pm
About Face Thu at 3:36 pm

This video no longer exists?


Philadelphia Tivoli Thu at 10:45 pm

Just updated it, it should be showing now :-)


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