Face Painting Glamorous Masks

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a design incorporating one stroke roses creates an effective design.

Hello Face Painting friends.

I had a lovely job a few weeks ago where I painted a family for a Masquerade Party. I had around 10 minutes per design including talking to them about what they were wearing so my design would complement thier clothes, so these were fairly fast designs…Please note that the family had to travel a way to their event so they left thier clothes and lipstick off until they were there, so they are slightly unfinished.

I have posted some pictures to inspire you with your own mask designs.

Lace Mask-a pretty design to complement a white dress with black sash.

Here are a few tips to help you create your own mask designs:

- Use the figure 8 on its side as guidence, this will give you a good indication of a flattering mask shape that suits all face shapes.

- Use techniques you are comfortable with. This will allow you to confidently create a design on the spot, showcasing your strengths.

- Practice working out designs on your practice head to get an idea of how the shapes will flow on the face.

Filigree Butterfly, a jewel inspired mask

- Have some fun and replicate the outfit worn by the person.

- Add liquid glitter, gems and even feathers for extra glamour.

- Google “masks” in google images online to get inspired by a huge array of mask designs.

- think outside the square – a snake wrapped around the eyes could become a suitable mask.

here are some designs from the family I painted, and a few extra I have painted recently.

I talked him out of a full skull face into something more mask-like

a bright mask inspired by her colourful clothes

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Happy Painting!
Ambah xx

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shannon Tue at 2:21 pm

Ambah, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the skeleton mask!!!!!! Best halloween mask ever! Thank you for your inspirational designs!


Tay-C Tue at 2:44 pm

Awesome skeleton mask, what a great new way to incorporate both spider and skeleton.

thanks for the great ideas! can’t wait to paint.


Lusi Tue at 5:51 pm

Ambah skeleton mask -super )))


Sally Dwyer Tue at 6:18 pm

Great designs! Very inspirational! Bling masks seem to be the rage this summer. I’ve done a number of them at fairs and parties. Thanks for sharing your designs! Cheers, Sally


c kirkby Tue at 7:40 pm

It’s hard to find cool masks for boys, and the skeleton mask is awesome. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas. Carol


Christina Tue at 8:19 pm

That is beautiful!!!


paintwizard Tue at 8:21 pm

Excellent as always love your work


Alvina Wed at 3:11 am

I love all of these masks!! You are a very talented lady. Thx for sharing


amanda Wed at 3:24 am

great masks … nice, clear designs … very effective


Sherry Burdsal Wed at 5:33 am

Love all your mask ideas!! I take pix with my iphone off my computer screen and save them for inspiration…..thanks!

Sherry B/


Natacha Wed at 5:33 am

Amazing!!! I love all them!! Congrats!


Isabelita Pascual Wed at 6:26 am

I really like the paints you used…do you have any sample so I can try the quality of it, aside from Snazaroo which I also used for so many years. I want to try the palletes and kits or the NEOn colors..it looks like very interesting


Amanda Wed at 6:28 am

I love the lace, the spider, the jewel butterfly the most! they are all awesome, I can’t wait to try them all! Thank you for sharing such inspiring work.


Kris in Alaska Wed at 9:32 am

Love them all Ambah! Each is unique and well done! Thanks for sharing!


Philadelphia Tivoli Wed at 11:03 am

I love these mask designs, thank you Ambah for the great tips and all the inspiration!


Momma Butterfly Wed at 1:25 pm


Your mask are great! I would really love a tutorial on the boys mask. I love how you blended the spider and skeleton into a monster mask theme. Do you have that one on tutorial?

Momma Butterfly of Jubile Arts and Entertainment


lorraine body Wed at 2:17 pm

i thought the were great thank you


Bernie Wed at 3:37 pm

These are beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing them with us! I have been practicing some masks but nothing like these..Thanks again!


ARI Wed at 4:24 pm

WOW! They are all wonderful.


Theresa Thu at 6:51 am

I’d like a tutorial on the lace one too.
Beautiful work!!!!


janice Sat at 1:25 am

what is more awsome than your mask? The tip$, thank you for your generousity


Angel Bagley Sat at 3:40 pm

Wow…. I loved them all. Curious how long those take you to do? Would love to see some videos!


Stephanie Bailey Mon at 6:46 pm

Ambah, you are truly talented.. Love love love the new mask ideas….


Janet Cummins Thu at 2:19 pm

Your brilliant, your designs are always amazing x


jamie Thu at 3:39 am

Great lines! Nice use of focal points, graceful and suited to each face.
More :)


lily Wed at 8:08 am

that is sooo nice i have a mask to do at school so thankxxx for the tipe O-O :)


katie Tue at 12:17 am

wowwwwww only just started looking at this wonderful site after 19yrs in this wonderful industry all of you sharing your knowlege and inspiration Amber your masks and other work are truly Beautiful and inspiring !


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