Step-By-Step Puppy Dog Face Paint Design

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Puppy Dog Dalmation Face Paint DesignIt’s nice to cuddle up to your favorite toy puppy . . . and sometimes it can be just as much fun to be one!

Check out this easy yet fantastic step-by-step puppy dog face paint design brought to you by Snazaroo and Face Painting Tips!

Face Paint Supplies You’ll Need:

White, Black, Bright Red (3 COLOR DALMATION PACK), Sponge and a Snazaroo Face Painting Brush.

Puppy Dog Dalmation Face Paint DesignSTEP 1:

Using a damp sponge and White face paint, apply a nice even base coat of white to the whole face. Make sure the eyes are kept tightly shut.



With Black face paint and your brush, draw on some patches: around one eye, on the chin, cheeks and forehead. Add an eyebrow over one eye. Also paint the nose and mouth, and add whiskers.



Using Bright Red paint and the brush, paint on a small tongue hanging out of one corner of the mouth.

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Puppy Dog Dalmation Face Paint Design

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