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Hello Face Painting Friends,

Often I am asked to paint for fundraising events and/or volunteer for a good cause.

I find this to be an interesting dilemma and thought I would post my thoughts on this topic, and I look forward to hearing your ideas and thoughts too, as I know many of you have come up with great ideas already. CLICK HERE TO LEAVE A COMMENT

There are so many wonderful causes out there, and I find it a pleasure to support these through what I love to do – face painting.

I have several levels of volunteering or sponsership that I offer, and I find I need to strike a happy balance as it is not economical for me to dedicate too many of my weekends toward volunteering when I need to keep these days clear for my customers too. (Read on Below…)

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Benefits: In addition to feeling good about supporting a cause, face painting at these events can be a great way to promote yourself. This is particularly good if you are starting out and your business is a bit  quiet to begin with, by painting at as many events as possible you can hand out cards and begins to establish yourself. I usually volunteer  to support my  favourite causes.

At the start of each year I decide which organisations I would like to support and  how. Generally I have some that I support each year. I lock in those dates and keep myself available for them. These dates I usually paint at for no cost to the organisation, sometimes they may charge the public and keep the proceeds for thier fundraising. Throughout the year I am asked to contribute to other events and I may or may not be able depending on my other commitments and interest in the particular organisation. I find I feel less guilty about saying no, when I can tell them that I have already allocated my annual volunteer hours for the year and am unable to fit them in too.

Charging: Some face painters have a special fundraiser/charity rate. They offer a discount to organisations that have less funding. This could be any discount you like eg: 10, 20 or even 50% off your normal rate.

If you are happy to volunteer your time but would like to cover your expenses, you can offer a rate for that too; to do this you will need to work out what it actually costs you per hour to face paint. Looking at all of your costs over a year and dividing them by the number of hours worked will help you to work this out – the real costs can add up when you are including materials, travel, insurence, training ect.

Sponsorship: there are two aspects to this: if you are volunteering or offering a reduced rate, you are in effect sponsoring the event. In return you can request some reciprocal benefits such as a website link on their site, your name on promotional material or anything else that seems approriate to the organisation and event.

The other aspect of sponsorship is that you are sponsered by a business to face paint at the charity event. This has happened for me a number of times, I usually invoice the buisness directly, so they get to claim it as an expense and the charity is sure to promote the business as a sponser of their event.

I look forward to hearing about your Charity face painting.

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Happy Painting!  Ambah xx

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