Hygiene Tips For Face Painting

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Hello Everybody,

Wow can you believe it’s February already!  This month I am very excited to be an instructor at the Australian Body Art Awards Convention. This event began last year as a Face and Body painting competition, held in Melbourne, Australia, and has grown this year into a bigger competition with more categories to enter and a 3 day convention with additional pre and post convention classes being offered by a host of talented International Instructors including: Yolanda Bartram, Lucy  Bruillard and Christina Davison. Check out the website link below to find out more about this huge event for Australian Face and Body Painters. Come and visit if you can join us to either enter a competition, watch the awards or participate in one of the many classes on offer. I hope I get to meet some of you there.

I love all of the feedback and responses I get to my posts, and I really enjoy hearing about how you all do things, I have learnt from some of your tips and I am sure many others have too. This month I have decided to open up a topic that is usually a big discussion in my beginners class, the issue of Hygiene when face painting. I will post some of my tips on the topic and would love to hear your thoughts and ideas too.

common sense: plays an important role in hygiene matters. as I am sure most of you are aware that it is important not to paint over broken skin/cold sores to minimise the spread of contageous conditions. Even if the parent assures you its ok! discreetly offering to paint on the arm or elswhere instead so that the child still has a design without feeling embarressed is a tactful way to manage these situations.

regular kit cleaning: so that the paints are wiped clean, my brushes and equipent are regularly cleaned, steralized and air-dried. Throw out broken and untitdy items. This not only is essential for professional presentation, but it is also more hygienic and parents will notice that you take care.

sponges: Personally I like to use a fresh sponge per child. I find the benefit not only in presenting a hygienic approach, which parents have commented favourably on, but that it suits my technique too. I like load up my sponges with colours suitable  for the particular design and find that they end up with lots of colours on them anyway so I couldn’t really re-use them if I wanted to!

antibacterial gel: its great to have this on hand, regularly cleaning your hands with this between children will help to minimise the spread of bacteria.

I look forward to reading your ideas and comments.


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Happy Painting!
Ambah xx

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