Dolphin Face Painting Design Video Tutorial

by Philadelphia Tivoli · 49 comments

Video tutorial by Kim Baker for a cute Dolphin face paint design using a Diamond FX Mini Marine split-cake!

Products Used: Diamond FX Mini Marine Split-Cake, #2 Round Brush, Diamond FX Black, Diamond FX WhiteGemstone Diamond Glitter Powder.

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Split-Cakes or “Blending Cakes” are taking the face painting world by storm, and it’s not suprising because they’re the perfect tool to make your designs look super professional with practically no effort!! Split-Cakes are cake paints made up of multiple colors so you can apply many colors at once and have them blend easily & instantly!
And we of course have the sponges and (flat) brushes you’ll need too!

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Jo Neddo Wed at 1:30 pm

This video is just fantastic!! I really love the use of the ‘One Stroke’ concept on facepainting. I’d love to see more instructional videos using this technique. I think this is the best way to get line work done quickly.


Cool Faces Wed at 1:53 pm

Great work, thanks, love the splitcakes.


kantuta Wed at 2:17 pm

wow! great technique! I love tho see more videos like this one but could they have subtitles…as a deaf person can not understn what you say..


virginia Wed at 11:52 am

hola kantuta te comento que si hay subtitulo, solo lo tienen que buscar en el video, en a parte de abajo hay un pequeño cuadrito con las letras “cc” yo lo hago de echo ya que soy de argentina y lo subtitulo al castellano . besos


MBD1018 Wed at 2:36 pm

Wow – This looks amazing. I’m saving to buy my first kit – Can’t wait!!


masapan Wed at 3:05 pm

hola soy de peru y me gustaria saber como puedo conseguir los productos, no se si los vendes por web


Philadelphia Tivoli Thu at 11:49 pm

** Masapan — Yo no pienso que hay nadie vendiendo Diamante pinturas de cara de FX en Sudamérica, el más cercano es América de nuestro sitio web aquí:
I don’t think there is anyone selling Diamond FX face paints in South America, the closest is America from our website here:


Madlyn Wed at 3:10 pm

That was awesome and I so want to practice this because I’m a beginner it is so nice to see some of these done live oppose to reading a book. Thank You!!!


karolee mcdonald Wed at 3:11 pm

Great painting he’s sooo cute. I’m going tohave to get the Marine splitcake!

Thanks! Fancy~Face


christine Wed at 8:07 pm

That was the simplest beautiful dolphin i’ve seen i like it it’s really cool great job.


Judi P Wed at 8:15 pm

What chair are you using and where did you get it?


dixe rose Thu at 9:36 am

your videos have been soooo very helpful thanks Dixie


Mrs N.A. Redman Wed at 8:27 pm

This would be a quick face paint when you have a queue a mile long, waiting to have their face painted. Well Done Kim. regards Nina.


Brandy Thu at 12:46 pm

My family and I are geting ready to take a clown class in Lake Placid, Florida.
I want to learn more on face painting,It will cost me less after we become a clown family to paint our on faces.We are a family of 8 .Six whom are children under 11.


'Tickles' the Clown Thu at 8:01 pm

Beautiful work! Great technique,,,I’m just learning and love this dolphin!


Jamie Natividad Thu at 11:39 pm

I really appreciate the tutorials. It’s always great to see how other artists work and their techniques. Thank you so much. I look forward to learning more.


Funny Faces of CT Fri at 2:45 am

Love Love Love the dolphin. I always struggle with dolphins, don’t know why but I am never happy with them. This looks soooo easy, can’t wait to try this technique.


cherry Tue at 1:36 am

I just love it, I tried it on my kids and it’s wonderfull the like it!!!
Keep up with the tutorials I can’t wait to see the next ones….


chinita Wed at 5:00 pm

pls tell me all the tools or materials needed in face painting pls thank you


Philadelphia Tivoli Wed at 9:52 pm

Hi Chinita,

Check out this blog post to know exactly which tools and materials you need to start face painting:


Kris in Alaska Sun at 7:25 am

Awesome job! Thanks so much for showing the steps and talking us through them! I can’t wait to try a dolphin!


ghazal Sun at 10:38 am

hello , tanks for e-mail . plz, i need learn face painting with video
that e-mail tanks


Oopsy Daisey & Twinkles Wed at 3:28 pm

very easy and beautiful and very fast. Thanks again.


V. Thu at 12:11 am

When will yu have the mini marine available? still says out of stock when i try to order. also mini rainbow? thanks


maria paz garrote romanillos Sun at 7:30 am

this is fantastic…good for the kids club where i work…thanks very much for this new technique…more power.


Robin_Uganda Sun at 5:03 pm

Hi there–great work. Is there any way we can get your paints here in Africa. We usually buy at T. Myers in the US as they are one of the few companies that ship internationally–rare thing in the States. Do you ship internationally there from Oz?


Philadelphia Tivoli Mon at 12:28 am

Hi Robin,

Our warehouse is in the USA and we do ship internationally :-D


emilia Fri at 4:00 pm



Rebecca Fri at 7:32 pm

I love your paintings. But i’m not good at making shapes. You sent a email

not to long ago about body stickers that you put on and then body glue

then peel and put glitter on. Would you mind resending that email to me.?

Thank You


Irene Mon at 4:36 am

I love your video’s. I use to paint alot of ceramics now that I see how face painting is done, I love it. My grandchildren loves it. Now I have family members asking me to do there childrens party’s. Again love what I’m seeing so far.
Thank You


Irene Thu at 9:01 pm

Love your dolfin video. You have made it so easy. I have a small complaint from a family member. They said there child got some of this paint on there white shirt from the painting on there arm after it was dry and can’t seem to get the paint off the shirts. Can you recommond anything to get them clean. I had suggested that they wash the paint off with a baby wipe first before a bath but the shirts I don’t have a clue. Also I was watching the video n the scarecrow and it was hard to see, because too much sunlight.
Thank You


Sarah Mon at 1:05 am

I love your dolphin video. You made it look so simple. I’m a new comer to this face painting medium. Looking forward to the experience of face painting.


Toni Sat at 5:12 pm

Hi, Thank you so much for the tutorials.I can’t wait to get started.Good video shots I could follow well.Great to see how the slit cakes work.


Michelle Stegall Fri at 5:05 pm

I love the tutorial videos you have been sending me. I am definitely an amateur and would like to become more professional. I do the face painting for the elementary school where I work. We have a fall festival every year. Watching the step by step lessons has been great. It’s so much easier to see someone else do it first. It’s nice to have the list of supplies included. Thank you.


Natalie Sat at 10:28 pm

Kim you have done it again! Painting the dolphin with the mini split cake was terrific! Please thank your daughter for being such a great model also! :) I have done a little bit of One-stroke painting and this is very similar, just easier as the paint is all on one palate. i am excited to try it. I love the videos – they truly aid in watching technique, placement, etc. Thanks again to all!


carol Thu at 6:43 pm

That was amazing, the whole site is brillant really need to practise to be that good, thank u for the free 7 day trials


Rustina Sat at 9:05 pm

Wow! I love this and you make it look so easy. I have been Church Clowning for some time now and doors are just starting to open up for me in other areas too. I am relatively new to face painting and am loving these videos. Thank you so much! I would love to get a set of Diamond FX, because I’ve noticed with the cheaper storebought brands, I am not at all able to get as good of results.


Amparo Mon at 11:22 pm

Hello Kim, What a great lesson, simple and the dolphin is too cute. I am purchasing the paints, love the quality and vibrant colors. You are awesome! :)


Susan Samuels Tue at 3:41 am

This is great and done so professionally thanks!


Nthabi Sat at 6:35 am

Wow, I’m impressed since I’m struggling to get classes, this is soo cool.
Where can I buy the starter kit in South Africa (Johannesburg) or please send me a
Quote on everything I need to start and grow in facepainting.


oide Sun at 1:13 pm

Thanks ,great work,technique & lessons,that is amazing,good video.


Gina Tue at 7:48 am

I’m having trouble with the showing of your video on my computerr and phone. HELP


Gina Tue at 7:49 am

I’m having trouble with the showing of your video on my computer and phone. HELP!


capucine Fri at 9:08 am

Tout simplement magnifique. Bravo


Paula Tue at 3:35 pm

I love your written spanish! It’s not perfect but im very sure the lady from Perú got it perfectly. Im from Costa Rica and im starting with this thing of the face painting and i really love it. I just need a little more money but im sure in some moment im gonna buy something to you. I want everything cause everything is beautiful and really sparkling, but meanwhile the tuturials are great. Thank u very much for so useful information. Saludos desde Costa Rica!


julia(juhurst27)uk Sat at 10:43 am

this is soo sweet, and what makes this video even nicer is the lady who teaches us and the lovely place shes’s doing it in with all the birds chirping, she makes it all so enjoyable.


kat Sun at 8:51 pm

I really enjoy watching uoyr videos, they have sparked a lil encouragement for me.


Catalina Tue at 8:33 pm

thanks again for the video, luv the dolphin too cute, i luv that u can draw with a 3 tone now thats cool and so simple and quick i did notice the brush that can be used by both end do you sell that? :)


Sue Hill Sat at 8:46 am

brill video well done on the demo thanks going to try it myself


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