Face Painting Kits for Beginners

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Choosing your first face painting kit can be hard.  And I’ve received lots of emails asking what I recommend so I decided to publish this post revealing exactly which products are most important and popular for beginners!

Face Paints/Palettes – Which Colors?
Buy Face Paint Palettes Online Here!At the VERY least you need Black, White, Red, Blue and Yellow because with those colors you can mix colors together to get every color under the rainbow. BUT when you’re painting at festivals or birthday parties you won’t have time to mix colors so…

We have palettes ranging from 6 colors to a HUGE 54 Color Palette for the pros. For most beginners I’d recommend getting a palette with at least 8-14 colors. The essential colors that I tell beginners to get are: Black, White, Pink, Brown, Orange, Red, Light blue, Dark blue, Light Green, Dark Green, Yellow, Violet. Check out our full range of palettes today!

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Brushes & Sponges?Buy Brushes and Sponges for Face Painting Online Here!

If I were to pick the 2 most important brushes for face painting I’d say it would definitely be Round Brushes and Flat Brushes. You will need a #2 Round (or any Fine Round Brush) for fine detail and a #4 Round (or any medium sized round brush) for most of your line work, dots, curls, swirls, stripes and detail.

And you’ll need a 1 Inch Flat Brush because they’re the perfect shape to pick up multiple colors from a splitcake/ rainbow cake in one brush stroke!!

I’d recommend to begin with 2 of each of these brushes – the more brushes you have the better…you don’t want to be washing brushes everytime inbetween clients, you’ll be much more faster if you simply have more brushes.

As for sponges, you’ll want atleast 3 (you can cut them in half to make 6)to practice with to begin.

You need sponges to apply a lot of paint over a big area very quickly and to use with a split cake/rainbow cake.

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Split-Cakes?Buy Split-Cakes for Face Painting Online Here!

A must-have in the face painting world these days. Split-Cakes are cake paints made up of multiple colors so you can apply many colors at once and have them blend easily & instantly for professional results!

We have a wide variety of split-cakes/color combinations in 2 sizes.

The bigger size: Diamond FX/TAG/Fazmataz 50g and Paradise Prisma Blendsets (approx 2.5″ x 2″)can be used with sponges for big sweeps of blended color OR they can be used with flat brushes for smaller strokes of blended colors.

The smaller size: Diamond FX/TAG/Fazmataz 30g (approx 1.2″ x  2″) can be used with 1 inch flat brushes for smaller strokes of blended colors.

I recommend you get at least 2 Split-Cakes to try them out. And check out our video tutorials to see how to use them. You’ll be back for more when you see how amazing the results are, with very little effort on your part!

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Glitters can make the difference between a nice face paint design and a design that has the ‘WOW’ factor! Have atleast a couple bottles of Iridescent Glitter/Glitter Powder as you’ll be using a lot of it. Also get yourself a Gel glitter to have more control of the glitter so you can create thin lines of glitter, straight or curved, or even dots with the gel glitter – These will make your designs look amazing – with very little effort!

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Face Painting Stencils and Stamps!
If you are not confident enough with your free hand painting, but you want to get out there and paint… using Stencils and Stamps produce fantastic results and are super easy to use!

We have a wide range of stencils and stamps!

Face Painting Stamps
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Snazaroo Face Painting Stamps

Bad Ass Mini Stencils
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Stencil Eyes by Show Offs Body Art
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QuickEZ Stencils by Show Offs Body ARt
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Happy Face Painting,

Philadelphia Tivoli

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