Step by Step Dinosaur Mask Design

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Hello Face Painting Friends,

Today I am posting a step by step design for you. It is a dinosaur mask that is very popular with the boys – and occasional dad too.

This was first published in issue 11 of Illusion Magazine.

Illusion is a magazine especially for Face and Body Artists, I have contributed several step by step designs to past issues & have just designed a special one for their upcoming book: Illusion and Friends (2).

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I am a fan of it as it covers so many aspects of our industry, with plenty of Step by Steps by many different Artists to try out, reader’s pages, buisiness tips, great interviews on Artists and much more for all levels….

I find myself regularly flicking through old editions and gaining new inspiration from them……and no I’m not getting paid to write this :)  …there are other great publications relating to our industry too, including: published quaterly, this magazine features step by steps based on a particular them each issue. an online publication with great step by steps, interviews, reviews and more.

And of course which has fantastic ebooks that you can download instantly with fun step-by-step face painting designs!

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Happy Painting!
Ambah xx

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Debbie Hughes Thu at 3:01 pm

went to look at the brushstrokes website and this is what i read ” Due to the economic downturn Brushstrokes® has temporarily ceased trading “, so this link is no longer viable….love the dinosaur mask, thanks Ambah


Jo Neddo Thu at 11:44 pm

I’m signed up to receive e-mails from Face Painting Tips. I clicked on the link for Step By Step instructions for the dinosaur. I’m not sure if I’m missing something, but I only found two pictures to the step by step instructions..the first step then it jumps to the finished face. Is there another link to click on for the other steps?



Tabitha Miller Fri at 12:26 am

I don’t see the “step by step” instructions…. Just the first and last pictures…. Did I miss it? Is there a video I am not seeing the link for?.. Thank you ladies for sharing!


Engeline Donners Fri at 1:35 am
Sylvia Fri at 3:05 am

Just curious not that this dinasour mask is hard to draw just wanting to know if there are other dinasour drawings. Faceoainted at my
grandaughters 2nd B-Day and I was doing fine untill one of the children asked for a tea something Dinasour …. I was speachles just paints his whole face green and did kindvif scales LOL so what wiu you recommend next time? :D.

Also my other grandaughter is having her princes party and I need suggestions for princess and what would I do for the boys? The website is so helpful thank you so much for you time:D


Maria Fri at 3:50 am

No, there aren’t any step by step instructions, you aren’t missing anything…


Karen Fri at 6:33 am

I’m with the last two. I only see the 1st image and the Final one. The only thing that happens when you click on them is it brings up the enlarged image.
I even tried Ambah’s website to see if it was there…


Happy Fri at 6:51 am

it’s and NOT
i go to that website all the time so……….

happy painting


Ambah Fri at 7:14 am


Thanks for your comments…sorry I didn’t put the right web address for brushstrokes in, they are not going out of buisiness! you can view their online mag here:

I’m not sure what happened to the step by step images I’ll have a look.


Philadelphia from Fri at 12:48 pm

Sorry about that guys! I had a look and rearranged the photos so you can see each photo for each step, and I corrected the Brush Strokes Mag link too!…Let me know what you think of the ‘all’ the steps :-)


shazz Fri at 3:54 pm

Hi, I couldn’t find any written instructions either, just the 5 pics. But I think I can use the pics to help me paint the dinosaur face. Thanks. For Sylvia… You can use different colours and change the number and/or position of horns to make different dinosaur faces. They work well for boys at fairy/princess parties and I call them dragon faces. The boys love it! So do I! I love to paint different faces to suit their personalities.


evan Fri at 4:03 pm

i like the dinosaur design, Phil Congratulation on your weeding, sorry sometime i did not follow often your face painting tips because i’m busy with my work and my family. thank you for continious sending tips to me. I just wana ask if what particular paint i have to use for my 4 year old son?

Once again CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!


Ambah Fri at 4:48 pm

thanks Philadelphia for fixing the small glitches in my post!
I didn’t include written instructions for the step by step as I felt the steps were self explnatory.
Please ask questions, if any steps are not clear.

Happy Painting



Debbie Hughes Sat at 12:58 am

Philadelphia, congratulations on your wedding this Sunday, my nephew is getting married on Saturday, so I hope the days are wonderful for you both. I got onto the site and subscribed, it’s great. Can you also let me know what printed Face & Body Painting magazines like Illusions (USA) are available here in Australia. Also a list of magazines available (worldwide) would be great too.


Ambah Sat at 8:33 am

Illusions magazine is a UK based publication. there are some stores in Australia that sell Illusion, and American facepainter, including I’m not sure who else stocks them – if anyone can share other links for Aussie stockists of face painting mags that would be great.
The publications that I listed in my post are the only ones I am currently aware of, if anyone else knows of others I would be interested in hearing about them.


Sylvia Sun at 7:53 am

No one ever answered my comment….:( just wanting to know if there are other dinasours since I spoke bout my experience at my grandaughter bday I have a question….. What kind of dinasour is this sample? Sorry like to answer the children questions when they ask….:)


Sylvia Sun at 9:10 am


Thank you so much…..very helpful I have googles and truthfully this is the be

st website that I have found that is very
helpful…..thank you for the info where to find
more dinasour facepainting but if the children
ask me what kind of dinasour this one is what
do I tell them the name? :)


Ambah Sun at 8:08 am

Hi Sylvia,

Many artists have come up with some great dinosour designs, its just a matter of looking. The places I mentioned in the blog above all feature steps by steps of many variaities including dinosaours.
I have seen some great variations of the T-Rex and other dinosaurs, Philladelphia may have some in her books, the wolfe brothers have fantastic boy designs in thier books, as does Mark Reid who has some great DVDs.
Alternately you can do a google image search for dinosaours and use these images to create your own designs.
The dino mask above satisifies many of my customer requests for a dinosaur, I adapt the design a little according to specific requests.
I hope that helps.


Kathy Fri at 4:23 pm

Hi Ambah
With so many really good paint products out there now, which ones do you use and especially the outlining ones..? I’ve been using violent moon for painting and Detailz for outlining . The outling ones don’t go on very well and I end up using a separate brush for them anyway. Do you have any suggestions?
Cheers. Kathy :)


Ambah Tue at 7:46 am

Hi Kathy,

I sue the detailz lots to paint fast dots, I don’t think they would work as well for outlining or other brushwork.
I generally use a # 2 or 4 round brush for outlining and a cake paint such as paradise black, TAG white….or one of the many others out there.
I’m not familiar with Violet moon? although there is a store called violet moon works ? they sell paradise paint.

I hope that helps.


Maria Tue at 1:41 pm

Wonderfull!, I want to know what specific colors you used for this dinosaur mask?


Ambah Tue at 11:35 pm

Hi Maria,

I have used purple, in this case Kryolan – it could be any purple though. I have also used Kryolan UV red, for all other UV colours I prefer Diamond FX colours, but this UV red is unique to Kryolan. also I have used black & white.



Maria Tue at 11:38 pm

I tried this one and I posted in the forum….I want to know where do you carry all your paintd, brushes, sponges, etc, items in all…


Lindsey Sat at 2:39 pm

Super cute !!


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