Easter Face Painting Inspiration

by Philadelphia Tivoli · 27 comments

I’ve been looking for easter face painting inspiration & I found a video of a very pretty bunny rabbit which is so popular at easter! We love your feedback.. Click Here to Share Your Thoughts!

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(By Curlie’s Face Art www.curliesfaceart.com & Michigan Face Painters www.michiganfacepainters.com)

Do you like the design? Do you have a similar design you use?
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Happy Face Painting,

Philadelphia Tivoli

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Michelle Heffner Wed at 12:50 am

Think about how much faster this design would have been if she didn’t have to keep stepping over to load her brush.

Hold the pot and save some time!


Philadelphia from FacePaintingTips.com Wed at 9:35 am

Good point Michelle!


I Sat at 7:22 am

Or just have a table next to her, with the pot on the table.
Make it simple! :-D


Bob Boesen Wed at 12:52 pm

That was a fantastic bunny face, and so cute, I’m going to even try it myself, Thank you very much. May all your days be circus days…Bozie T. Clown, aka. Bob P.s. could I ask you what the brush number is, or where I can get one?


Lori Wed at 1:05 pm

Very cute design! My boys might like a blue-eared bunny!


Becky Thu at 10:16 pm

I love it! But a few tips on recording: use a tripod to avaoid all the shaking, and tell the woman in back to “Go away”!
I will definitely try this design.


Toni Colucci Thu at 10:43 pm

Love this Pink Bunny!! This saved me for the Easter Weekend, as it is a lot faster way to paint a bunny compared to what I have been painting!!
Thanks you!!!


Maja Fri at 12:12 am

Very nice indeed. Very fast made. Greetings from Holland..



Allen aka Bogey Fri at 12:13 am

Great design. Please put the camera on a tripod. The video was so shaky I thought my computer was going to dance off the table. Also the extremely fast motion made it difficult to watch.


tasha Sun at 9:32 pm

if you didn’t like it, find another video to watch.
Is you life that pathetic that you have to complain about a simple video.
i guess so :)


Jennifer Fri at 12:14 am

Yes, very cute… can you please tell us what kind of brush and white paint was used? I always use Snazaroo and a sponge, but would love to have the control of doing Spiderman eyes w/ that brush!


Jacque Fri at 1:31 am

cute!! funny how she’s crossing her eyes to see what’s going on!


Malinda Powell Fri at 2:06 am

I love the bunny face, And Michelle’s comment was very helpful. Lori I have two boys and I think i’m going to try blue on them as well.


Mrs N.A.REdman Fri at 2:32 am

Michelle made a good point about holding the pot, but it was quick anyway
Regards Nina


roung Fri at 6:50 am

lovely bunny I like it. I will try to do with my daugther. She love painting but not often we done it. Thanks for lovely video and all of your e-mail.


Eileen McKee Fri at 10:42 am

I love the way this site shares every facepaint design that is relevant to the various holiday events.. A true sharing experience. Love the rabbit will definately try something similar now over easter.. Thanks so much.


ellen hahn Fri at 11:45 am

How cute it that????? Adorable. I do a bunny, but it’s not THAT cute. Thanks for sharing.


Gloria Viruet Fri at 1:36 pm

Awseome bunny. Thanks for sharing….


Vi Wawrykow Fri at 2:15 pm

The bunny face was real cute. However, the camera person was too jiggly making it difficult to watch the face painter.


shazz Fri at 6:42 pm

It was different to have music playing during the video, yes I agree it would be better to have the recording facing a wall to stop traffic in the background, we can all learn from watching these videos, thanks so much for sharing and thanks for keeping things fresh! I love your site and e-mails!


veronica Fri at 8:48 pm

lovely video phili,keep it u. your my inspirator!


Philadelphia from FacePaintingTips.com Sat at 7:44 pm

Glad you’re all enjoying the blog posts!

Check out our forum for other easter face painting designs and post your own easter face painting designs to share with everyone right here:


Milana Sun at 12:17 pm

Very cute! Thanks for sharing xxxx


Maeve Thu at 5:46 am

Really nice, quick & simple design. I do some voluntary work at Dublin Zoo & was face painting over the Easter holiday. There were quite a few Easter Bunny requests & this looked lovely. I did substitute a bright blue for the pink for the boys though.


Becky Thu at 8:32 am

Really nice, tried it on my daughter & it looked great!


ellen hahn Fri at 2:03 pm

I painted the bunny face on myself to complete my “open-face bunny” costume. It was adorable and I got lots of raves! Thanks so much. Ellen


XTINA ARTISTRY Thu at 4:32 pm

what lipstick/gloss are you using that it dries so quickly and does not smudge when applying the white paint?


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