Weekend Warrior Face Painting

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This is an entry sent in for our monthly Competition!

Weekend Warrior Face Painting
By June

june1.jpgjune4.jpgI work for the local fire department and we also have a sports center owned by the city.  Both the fire department and the sports center along with the police department are constantly having functions geared toward children.

Well, after volunteering to paint faces one time and having a blast doing it, I decided to volunteer for the other events to save the city some money.  One weekend we had a summer bash at the park for the children.  I began painting faces at 3:30 and ended at about 10:00 that evening.  I never took a break and had to enlist some help from some teenagers.  It was a great success and since I have done two more events.


june5.jpgI went online found lots of books and lots of pictures of things and just practiced on paper for about a week.  We did lots of butterfly, doggies, spiderman and batman over and over again.

It was such a success that we have decided to do it at all our events.  The children did not care how perfect we were, they were so happy to have their faces painted.

I have enclosed a couple of pics, I just wish you could have seen the line of kids and they along with their parents stood there for 3 hours waiting to have their faces painted.  We finally got to everyone. Thank you so much for your website, they were so a great help to me.  You guys are awesome at what you do, I wish I could be that good.



Thank you for sending this in June! I’ll be posting the rest of the entries until the end of September when I announce the winner.

Please leave a comment if you want to ask questions, or just want to offer encouragement!

Happy Face Painting,

Philadelphia Tivoli

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