Bear Face Painting Design

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“Bear Face Painting Design”
By Ben Bonser

Hi Philly. :)

Here’s the step by step for a bear design.

(1) Start by sponging a white, biege or yellow muzzle around the model’s nose, mouth and chin. You should avoid the nose, lips and the groove between. Also add a round lump near the lips as shown.

(2) Next, sponge the upper part of the model’s face brown (or a butterscotch colour) avoiding the jawline and area next to the chin and a small area around the eye areas. Painting over the corner’s either side of the bridge of the nose makes the brow seem lower and this illusion will be made clearer in the next step.

(3) Using a darker shade of brown, sponge a broad area over the jawline either sides of the face, the temple’s and the eye areas you’ve left uncovered. Paint the lower eyelids and the ‘lower socket’* with the same colour. Blend the light and darker brown to make a softer appearance.*lack of better words for it. :P

(4) Using black, paint in the model’s nose, lips and groove. Then the whisker dots, the small lines on bridge the model’s nose (just above the muzzle), the lines under the eyes and the eyebrows.

(5) The finishing touches:-
-Paint feathered darker brown lines around the edges of the face and under the eyes as shown.
-Paint the white whisker lines and the large dot on the nose.

Final Note: I was thinking of blending both an orange patch on the upper cheeks + cheek bones and an orange column on the fore head to add a ‘luster’ to the design. I thought of this after I put the designs together. GAH! Hate it when that happens. :(

Anyway, hope you like this one.




Thank you for sending this in Ben! Good to hear from you, and its great to see your artwork, you’re quite talented on the computer :-)

Please leave a comment if you want to ask questions, or just want to offer encouragement!

Happy Face Painting,

Philadelphia Tivoli
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