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Sent in by Kim Baker

Kim Baker’s Face PaintingHi Philadelphia- I wanted to show my display boards.  I got the ideas from other face painters.  I used a black board 30″x40″ (76x102cm) that is about a 1/4″ thick.  My mother picked them up at Office Depot I think.  Then I laminated my pictures using Self- Adhesive Laminating Sheets (also bought there).  No laminator needed.

Kims Face PaintingThen I velcroed the backs of the pics and attached them to the board.  Since I am new at painting, I cannot always remember how I painted something.  This way, the child, takes the pic off and hands it to me so I can reference it.  When I am done I stick it back on.

Kim Baker’s Face PaintingI have 3 of these boards- they each hold 25 4×6 pics.  Then I have a cheek art display.  I bought a piece of white poster board, I painted cheek art samples on this board and then I took it to a pKim Bakers Face Paintingrint shop to get laminated for about $5.

Other ideas……I LOVE DaVinci Soap to clean my brushes.  You wet the brush and stroke the bar of soap back and forth and the color keeps coming off.  It’s wonderful!  I also heard Ivory Soap works well but have not tried it- I am sure it is cheaper.  I just keep my soap in a plastic soap box.  Also, here are 2 recent pics I did.

Kim Baker


Thank you for sending this in Kim Baker, great to hear from you again!

Please leave a comment if you want to ask questions, or just want to offer encouragement!

Happy Face Painting,

Philadelphia Tivoli

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Nancy Gervais Tue at 10:54 am

Hi Kim!
What a great idea. The photos look really sharp on the black background. I would like to know if you used a large piece of foamcore for the base of the display board and if so, how do you keep it stable if it is windy out?

Concerning your system of removing the photo from the board while painting, you might want to consider having duplicate photos in a photo album that you keep on your work table. That way, when a child picks his/her design and shows it to you, it can go back onto the board quickly so that the other kids can still see it while you are working and it is less likely to get misplaced or blow away while you are working.

Another advantage to this system would be that you can also make notes on index cards (order of colors, what colors used etc.) that can go into your album in the pocket next to the reference photo. You can reference these notes while working, which might be useful if it is a new design or one that you do not paint very often!


Susan Newman Wed at 10:02 am

I love your display board ideas! I am starting up a fp business and organization is essential. I really appreciate you sharing your tips. Thank you thank you :)


Erin E. Wainwright Sun at 2:20 pm

I made my own sandwich board by using a plank of plywood and then painting it with chalkboard paint. I stick my laminated designs to the front using sticky tack and then write my price on with chalk. It’s fun because I can change the look of my board with a few chalk drawings here and there.


Amy Lesuma Mon at 12:24 pm


I just finished making a display board for my setup and would like to share some good ideas for other face painters.

These are just a few materials I collected and approx how much they cost
1x A1 Plastic folio sleeve… $9.90
1x Black/white Pasteboard…anything thicker than 500gsm for backing…may need to cut to fit A1 folio…$4.50
Any colourful bits of paper
Any fun scrap booking stickers…from $3.00 a packet
Double sided sticky tabe
1x Cutting knife and sissors
1x metal ruler
2x Large bulldog clips
your photos of art work

Most of my artwork I did on my arm and face and some are of friends. First step was to do up a written list of faces and cheeks I wanted to complete for my display, I worked with 26, some girl faces, boys and misc like sea creatures and unisex. Then I worked thru them one by one taking photos as I went. When I was happy with all the completed artworks I took my memory card down to the photo place at Kmart and had them developed for 15c each…cost just under $4.

Then I arranged all my photos how I liked and double sticky taped them down to the pasteboard. Then I printed out an A4 sign with a list of faces that aren’t in the photos and placed it in the centre with a border I cut out from metallic paper.

I have also fastened my display with 2 bulldog clips to thick piece of cardboard to prevent it from bending…you could also use a piece of ply wood.

For me this is a good temp solution until I find something compact friendly. I have seen Walbums online that seem like a great idea but it was almost $40 after postage.

There is a website called Zazzle.com (for those in Australia) where you can design and order a poster online…very simple step by step. Prices start at about $30.00 but can get a bit expensive when you order with a frame and different quality papers. I designed and ordered my own business cards from this site and it was quite fun and easy to do.

Yeah, so I hope that information helps. I’ll try to add an image of my display so you see what the end product looks like.

Amy Lesuma :)


Faerie Meadow Tue at 5:57 am

So I guess this is a funny fact about me….. I have always resisted using a display board because I always found them limiting. I like surprising people. I have face painted at hundreds of events and never used one before.


Debs Thu at 8:26 am

I do exactly the same…I have a list of the designs I am offering that day, appropriate to the event. I have a laminater at home and print the list on to a4 paper, and stick to a sandwich board, and also to a blackboard which sits at the front of my queue with a seperate price/important information sheet. Occassionally I have people ask ‘do you have any pictures’…and I reply ‘nope – it ruins the suprise! Trust me, I’m a face painter!’ It also enables me to work with other people without compromising their personal style (ie for large events) – although we have usually had a meeting to go through the designs we are offering. Whenever I have worked with photos it has usually caused a few issues, as I may have missed out a minor detail and the client has picked up on this…yawn….taking more time, and unsettling me for the next few. So my advice would be save your money on expensive photos….and make your ‘menu’ event specific. Happy face painting!


Diane Thu at 10:11 am

I so look forward to the day I can just run with it like that! I am new at fp so I depend on a board with pics that I can refer to! Love your tutorials Faerie! You “pros” are great and so inspiring (not to mention a bit intimidating at times ;-) I made a board with designs that I can do quickly and used Velcro so I can move them around and add new designs I get comfortable with and can do quickly. I also have a second file of the pics at my worktable to refer to so I don’t have to take them off the board and can still have it in front of me. I am a Grandma of 3 of the most beautiful little faces that love to help me practice! Thanks for all of you who help so many of us to get started in such fun!


Sheila Roberts Tue at 6:13 am

I use a pop up banner and then I made several books The kids choose from the book and tell me which number they want. I have a book by my chair to reference. I recently heard of a face painter that charges by how much of the face is covered. I think that is a pretty good base but some designs are much more detailed so I still think individual pricing is necessary.


Amy Lesuma Tue at 4:01 pm

I agree, I’ve never really had the use for one. But in this case a regular event organiser asked if I could do up a display of some of the most common and basic designs and when I’m not too busy I’ll put more detail and wow factor into them. I always ask the kids to choose their favourite colours and where they want it arranged on their face. Some ask for completely different things so i never feel limited. It also helped to attract more onlookers without them squishing around my table. I like the reference book idea….Not sure how to upload a photo on this blog


Teresa Sun at 2:50 am

I do alot of different events and do the same thing with the boards but I didn’t think of using velchro, duh or duplicates in a book with tips what great advice! I do use large meatal wreath holders you can get at a local craft store they can stick in the ground or you can bungee them to your tent, they fold flat, easy to travel, carry and store. I do a different one with different prices and faces (all faces on this board $5.00 ect..) and I always post if you don’t see it ask! Alot of people whip out their phones and expect a transformation and we do what we can. I would love suggestions on how to do a website.


Kori Wed at 10:25 am

Hey there, I am currently in the process of setting up my website and I would suggest using Wix.com. It’s free and it walks you through step by step:) good luck and always you should set up a facebook page!


Eileen Welsh Thu at 11:18 am

I have a large free standing corkboard on which is pinned photos of designs. I also have a laminated A4 sheet which has cheek art on one side and crown art on the other and other laminated photos that won’t fit on the board which lie loose on a table beside me. if I try a new design and like it, I ask the parent if I can take a photograph and I put that on my board and the older design I’ve removed goes on the table.

I have the board where I can also see it and the child points out which design they want, or brings me the photo if it’s one of those loose on the table, so it saves time and they have loads of choices as there are about 40 designs on the board alone.

I have a ring binder with printed sheets of all the designs in, so if a child asks for one I haven’t done for a while I can see it without the child removing it (which saves time because if the photo is taken off the board to give to me, then other children won’t see it). Also in the ring binder are plastic wallets with all the Christmas/Halloween/easter specific photos which I put on the board at those times and the ones I’ve taken off go on the table.

It all works very well for me.


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