How Much Should I Charge for Face Painting?: Part 1

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I was recently asked this question on the blog, and I’d love to give you a straight up answer, but alas, I can’t! There are heaps of different things to consider when it comes to pricing your face painting services, so instead of giving you one number, I’m going to tell you what to consider, so that you can come up with your own prices that are fair to both you and your customers.

Now ask yourselves these questions:

Where do you live or What area do you want to work in?
This is important because the area that you work in will factor into how much you can reasonably charge. So do a little research, find out how much is being charged by other face painters, and have a look at the quality and speed of their work. This at the very least should give you a ball park to start from.

How much experience do you have with face painting?
If you’re completely new, chances are you’re not as quick as those who have been doing it for years. So if it takes you say, 8 minutes to do a design, you’re not going to get away with charging the same amount per hour as someone who can paint the same design in 4 minutes.

What kind of event are you painting at?
If its a charity event, you can choose to give a discount. Some painters even charge just to cover expenses.

Are you supplying the face paints or are they?
You might get an event where its provided for you, not very likely but still possible and if so you can give a discount. Remember a professional face paints kit- including face paints, brushes, glitter etc can cost anywhere from $150-$300, so your materials really need to be factored into the equation. But don’t think you have to go out and buy a professional kit for your first gig, start with a smaller kit, make some money and then invest in a professional kit when you can afford it.

I’ll post Part 2 and possibly Part 3 of  “How Much Should I Charge for Face Painting?” in the next week or two to come, so stay tuned to find out more. If you have any questions about what I’ve posted so far, or have something to add, leave a comment. And have a great day!

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Happy Face Painting :-)

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