Halloween Make Up Ideas

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halloween make up ideasHere’s a couple halloween make up ideas that I came up with just this last weekend! My daughters, their cousins and friends had a fun halloween party, and I was busy face painting as usual.

The mask on the girl has a kind of a gothic feel to it (very popular with tweens and teens) and it uses the ‘tear drop technique’. To learn this technique watch this video:
How to Face Paint the Tear Drop Technique Video.

We also put some black feathers in her hair and she wore a pretty black dress with fish net stockings. Simple home made costumes are so much fun, and it lets you and your child be creative! 

halloween make up ideas

The design on the boy is so quick and simple, two squiggly lines for a moustache and to curved lines for some menacing eyebrows is what he requested, and he loved it! Kids tend to pick easy designs, so always ask them what they want.

I’ll post some more halloween make up ideas, costume ideas and games tomorrow so stay tuned and tell me what you think about these designs, would love to hear your comments/feed back!

Happy Halloween Face Painting :-)

Pauline Keogh Tivoli
Download our halloween make up ideas with step by step photos and instructions right here, right now!

P.s Only 2 days to go till Halloween, so get your paints out and get crackin’!

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Maria Mon at 4:18 pm

I like the little girls mask it is quite nice and simple to make. I sure will try to make it on my girls as they are my models. Thank you for all of your articles and ideas I do enjoy reading and the videos are awsome.


anne dellinger Wed at 10:15 am

I love the masks, they are my favorite to paint. Thanks for the quick and simple mask designs. This year I painted a Pumpkin design eye masks with 3 pumpkins of different sizes aroung the perimeter with green and black leaves, spirals and tear drops. It was a big hit – I just dressed in fun orange and black.


Amanda Cullum Tue at 10:25 pm

Thanks for the tips. I am due to give birth in about 10 days so I haven’t been doing too much face painting.. looking forward to getting back into the markets and doing parties as soon as I can though.
Thanks again. Want to purchase your online book but presently aren’t on line or have a printer so will do so in the future.


Lynzy Sat at 2:54 am

im 14  and an am going to be studying art at school but for art i need to make a portfolio on 3 different projects one being living art!

so as haloween is coming up i thought about face painting my little sister
who is 4 although she ahs a whitch costume she wants a fairy twist…..

please help because all the ideas i find are all green and not PINK whch is the colour she wants to twist her look into..

any ideas?


Philadelphia Mon at 8:21 pm

Hi Amanda, you can use any face painting design you like that you find on my blog but then change the colors to pink and white if you like :)

Happy Face Painting,

Philadelphia Tivoli


Anonymous Fri at 6:34 am



sarah Thu at 4:42 pm

which product do you use for the white mask background on your daughters design?
brand, technique on how applying it (brush, sponge?)


Brandy Blackwell Fri at 10:27 pm

should you start with a clean face or is fondation ok?


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