Halloween Make Up Ideas

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halloween make up ideasHere’s a couple halloween make up ideas that I came up with just this last weekend! My daughters, their cousins and friends had a fun halloween party, and I was busy face painting as usual.

The mask on the girl has a kind of a gothic feel to it (very popular with tweens and teens) and it uses the ‘tear drop technique’. To learn this technique watch this video:
How to Face Paint the Tear Drop Technique Video.

We also put some black feathers in her hair and she wore a pretty black dress with fish net stockings. Simple home made costumes are so much fun, and it lets you and your child be creative! 

halloween make up ideas

The design on the boy is so quick and simple, two squiggly lines for a moustache and to curved lines for some menacing eyebrows is what he requested, and he loved it! Kids tend to pick easy designs, so always ask them what they want.

I’ll post some more halloween make up ideas, costume ideas and games tomorrow so stay tuned and tell me what you think about these designs, would love to hear your comments/feed back!

Happy Halloween Face Painting :-)

Pauline Keogh Tivoli
Download our halloween make up ideas with step by step photos and instructions right here, right now!

P.s Only 2 days to go till Halloween, so get your paints out and get crackin’!

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