Halloween Make Up Ideas – Wrinkles, Moles and Warts!

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Here are some fun halloween make up ideas for you and your kids that you can combine with your face painting!

Wrinkles and Bumps

To create an unusual skin texture or wrinkles, use white school glue. Find a white glue that is safe for use on the skin, is completely non-toxic and easy to remove.

For wrinkles, apply a thin layer of glue to the skin stretched out by your fingers. Dry the glue quickly with a hair dryer on low, or let air dry. Once the paste is completely dry, release the skin for instant wrinkles. To create this effect all over, work in small patches at a time.

For bumps and other skin distortions, apply other materials to your skin with white glue. A great example is to use dampened cereal flakes with white glue for a monster-like skin texture.

Moles and Warts
Utilize white glue again for moles or warts – great for witches or celebrity costumes. Glue puffed wheat cereal on to the skin, once dry, color black or brown with makeup or face paint.

Got any gross halloween make up ideas? Share them with us here by leaving a comment.

Happy Halloween Face Painting :-)

Philadelphia Tivoli
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Andrea Gomez Thu at 9:35 am

I love the theatrical Halloween tips. I want to know how to make fake blood that doesnt stain skin or other things and that doesnt flake off. Any tips??


Emma Morris Tue at 8:20 pm

Hi, I’ve just tried mixing regular fake blood (from a joke shop) with a little baby oil and a bit of Soy sauce to darken it. I left it on my skin for about 45 mins and it didn’t flake or stain my skin (it didn’t really dry properly which is a good look buy may be messy if you’re putting it on kids). It didn’t smell very nice though, maybe gravy browning might be better than Soy sauce. I hope this helps. xxx


Philadelphia Tivoli Thu at 8:52 pm

Hi Andrea,

Try cornsyrup with red food coloring. Take some light corn syrup and add a generous amount of red food coloring until it resembles a bright red. Then, add blue food coloring (a drop or two at a time) to make the color closer to real, deep-dark blood. A dash of green may accentuate your concoction to make it look believable. Apparantly the sugar content in the syrup won’t make the food coloring stain, but test it out, I haven’t used this myself yet, so give it a go and tell me how it went!

Philadelphia Tivoli



Mrs. Laura Douek Fri at 9:46 am

To whom this blog belongs:

You’ve asked for a comment from me, and the reason is well, I’m going to be 16 weeks pregnant this Sunday!

I’m feeling exhausted (not least as I already have 1 child) and doubt that I’ll be doing anything creative.

If you were wondering why I hadn’t done anything – this is why!


BB Fri at 6:29 pm

instead of glue get some FX wax (special effects wax ) use it to stick ya wheat puffs on ot use it with tissues paper for a wrinkle look .also you can make some really life like open wounds and with the help of some red paint i have frighten many a parent with the life like cuts and wounds but at least with a wet wipe its all gone in a flash.
happy halloween people


BB soul painter Fri at 6:36 pm

I wonder has anyone got a easy elephant face paint i cant seem to find one ? as i have one little girl who always ask`s to be one and i just have to say to her im sorry darling he was to big to bring with me today …lol but she some how believes me. so one day i would love to bring him along and tips id be very grateful


Patty Lipinski Sat at 11:31 am

These ideas are great! Nice to be part of a community
of artists who brighten up childrens little hearts with color!


alex Tue at 6:20 am

thanks for the ideas they’ll be great, i have a party and have to do the kids faces, so thanks heaps


imanny Sat at 1:44 pm

omg that so cool how they do that


Deby Fri at 2:55 am

Yeah I was just looking for something for wrinkles and I’m glad i stopped in I have used white glue in my hair before but not on my face! works great. i used my regular foundation mixed with it for an old lady look to cool!! We have two parties to do. ( I’m a DJ/KJ) and i like to look for good for my clients lol !! I;m going this year as a RED HAT LADY!
Thank you!


Philadelphia Tivoli Fri at 3:39 am

Great to hear Deby, thanks!


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