Halloween Make Up Ideas – Wrinkles, Moles and Warts!

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Here are some fun halloween make up ideas for you and your kids that you can combine with your face painting!

Wrinkles and Bumps

To create an unusual skin texture or wrinkles, use white school glue. Find a white glue that is safe for use on the skin, is completely non-toxic and easy to remove.

For wrinkles, apply a thin layer of glue to the skin stretched out by your fingers. Dry the glue quickly with a hair dryer on low, or let air dry. Once the paste is completely dry, release the skin for instant wrinkles. To create this effect all over, work in small patches at a time.

For bumps and other skin distortions, apply other materials to your skin with white glue. A great example is to use dampened cereal flakes with white glue for a monster-like skin texture.

Moles and Warts
Utilize white glue again for moles or warts – great for witches or celebrity costumes. Glue puffed wheat cereal on to the skin, once dry, color black or brown with makeup or face paint.

Got any gross halloween make up ideas? Share them with us here by leaving a comment.

Happy Halloween Face Painting :-)

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