What Are The Most Popular Face Painting Designs Requested By Children?

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Click here to learn face painting designs!Learning facepainting is so much fun but it can a while to practice so you don’t want to waste your precious time by learning face painting designs that nobody wants, right? So which face painting designs are the most popular?

Well, after years of experience in the face painting world, extensive research and surveying… I’ve found that there are certain face painting designs that repeatedly get requested. And, luckily you don’t have to learn the hard and long way like I did and learn heaps of designs that children didn’t want.

I’m just going to tell you…

Top Ten Face Painting Designs for Girls & Boys!
(Click Here to Learn These Face Painting Designs!)

1. Fantasy
2. Princess
face painting designs3. Butterfly
4. Fairy
5. Bunny Rabbit
6. Flowers
7. Ladybug
8. Rainbow
9. Cat
10. Witch

1. Spider
2. Tribal
3. Monster
4. Skull
5. Robot
6. Pirate
7. Reptile
8. Bat
9. Tiger
10. Puppy Dog

If You Want to Learn How to Paint These
ace Painting Designs Click Here!

And you’ll find out how to get access to step-by-step photos & instructions to the above face painting designs and many more!

Happy Face Painting,

Philadelphia Tivoli
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The Comprehensive Guide to Face PaintingThe Comprehensive Face Painting Guide

This guide will teach you all the full face face painting designs that you’ll need to know to start face painting professionally!

It has 50 Face Painting Designs (Full Face) complete with step by step photos and instructions including:

Baby Tiger, Bat, Beach & Dolphin, Blue Bird Warrior, Butterfly, Butterfly Multi-Color, Butterfly Side Profile, Butterfly Two-Color, Bunny Rabbit, Camouflage, Cat, Cheetah, Devil, Dragon, Fantasy Alien, Fantasy Blue Mask, Fantasy Flame Goddess, Fantasy Flutterby, Flower Princess, Flowers, Forest Fairy, Geisha, Gothic, Green Monster, Happy Clown, Island Sunset, Jewel Princess, Lady Butterfly, Ladybug, Lion, Luna Princess, Mime, Orange Slayer, Pirate, Purple Tribal, Puppy Dog, Rainbow Leaves, Red Spider Web, Red Tribal, Reptile, Robot, Sad Clown, Skull, Tiger, Tribal Dots, Underwater Theme, Vampire, War Warrior, Witch and Zebra!

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Cheek Art Designs Guide The Cheek Art Guide Vol. 1

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It has 20 cheek art designs complete with step by step photos, instructions and even video tutorials! including….

Ice Cream, Balloons, Pink Butterfly, Apple, Frangipani, Musical Notes, Kissy Lips, Cat, Dog, Sun, Moon, Rainbow, Dove, Soccer Ball, Baseball & Bat, Spider, Skull & Cross Bones, Alien, Dragon and  Horse!

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Halloween Make Up GuideThe Halloween Make Up Guide

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Zombie, Skeleton, Mummy, Fire Witch, Pumpkin, Black Cat, Frankenstein, Egyptian, Werewolf, Monster, Gothic, Alien, Crazy Clown, Crow, Web Girl, Ghosts, Bat, Witch, Scared Cat and Pumpkin!

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Christmas Face Painting GuideThe Christmas Face Painting Guide

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It has 20 Christmas Face Painting Designs (15 Cheek Art & 5 Half Face) complete with step by step photos and instructions including:

Angel, Bell, Candy Cane, Christmas Present, Christmas Pudding, Christmas Stocking, Christmas Tree, Elf Mask, Gingerbread Man, Holly, Ice Angel, Noel Mask, Ornament, Rudolph the Reindeer, Santa, Snowflake, Snowflake Mask, Snowman, Star and the Xmas Mask!

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silverwaters Fri at 5:04 pm

You mentioned spider, but with the new movie out, I’ve found spiderman to be extremely popular right now. I’ve run out of red twice (had a new tub right there of course) and it wasn’t unusual for me to do 3-5 spiderman faces in a row.


Stacey Wed at 9:47 pm

I am interested in purchasing your download, I wanted to make sure it tells me what kind of paint you used in many of your examples that has that metallic look. Thanks Stacey


Tara Sun at 3:58 pm

Hi Im interested In getting into face painting as a hobby but dont know when and where to start, what paints to buy or anything, let alone where to buy them from. Please coukd you give me some info and tips?

Thanks Tara. =]


Philadelphia from FacePaintingTips.com Sun at 9:58 pm

Hi Tara,

You sure came to the right place! If you’re just starting out, I recommend one of the smaller Snazaroo or Paradise palettes.

And you can sign up to get some free face painting lessons that will teach you everything you need to know to get started right here: http://www.FacePaintingTips.com

Hope this helps :-)

Happy Face Painting,

Philadelphia Tivoli


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