How to Apply Glitter to Your Face Painting Designs to Make Them Look Magical!

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Using glitter is an inexpensive way to give your face painting designs the wow factor! They’re so simple to use and the absolutely kids love them.

They’re are a few different types of glitter you can use on your face painting designs, so here’s a brief run down of each type of glitter and how to  apply them to your face painting designs.

Glitter Gel: This is great for adding to face painting designs or you can use it on it’s own. You can easily apply using a brush, small brushes tend to give better results and you can also just use your fingers. Put a little on the eyelids of a princess face painting design or in the wings of a butterfly designs for a magical effect!

Glitter (Iridescent) Powders: These are the finest glitter, a flour type powder. Mix a little powder with the face paint and apply it to the skin. Try this technique with fantasy face painting designs. It will add a ‘high sheen’ to the finished face painting design and a whole lotta pizazz!  It can also be applied on its own with a moist brush or sponge.

Glitter Dust: This is a loose glitter, great for the face and the body. To use it, sprinkle the glitter onto the paint whilst it is still wet and the paint is already on the face. Or, to have a little more control – use a slightly damp brush to add glitter to specific parts of your face painting design like on the nose of a bunny design, or around a batman design.

And just like with you face paints, remember to only use body glitter that was especially made for use on skin. You can buy this kind of body glitter right here: Face Painting Supplies – just click on Glitters!

Happy Face Painting :-)

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