A Trick to Keeping Your Water & Brushes Clean When You Face Paint

by Philadelphia Tivoli · 10 comments

Now this will save you some time and hassle! When you’re face painting, every little tip and trick you know can help enormously. So, here’s one about keeping your brushes and water clean, to save you from wasting time, having to change the water every 10 minutes.

And, I can’t take credit for this one. This is a tip from my sister-in-law Pauline (she co-wrote “The Comprehensive Guide to Face Painting“.1popicleInstead of using a jar, or cup to hold your water…use a plastic ice block/popsicle mould to hold your water. So, if you have an 6 popsicle mould (like in the picture) you have 6 separate sources of water and can use each one for a different color group!

You can use one for just white, one for your pinks and reds, one for yellows and oranges, one for browns & blacks, one for greens & blues and one for purples.

And if you assign certain brushes to certain color groups, you’ll save a heck of a lot of time because you won’t have to wash your brushes anywhere near as often! But the really cool thing is, it’s cheap, easy to find and it makes life easier!

Happy Face Painting :-)
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