How to Face Paint a Spider Man Design Video

by Philadelphia Tivoli · 31 comments

There are some face painting designs that get requested all the time - like the spiderman face painting design! So here is a video that will show you how to face paint a Spiderman/Venom face painting design.


(Heather B.)

Leave a comment/response if you liked this video…that way I’ll know what to post more of!

Happy Face Painting :-)

Philadelphia Tivoli
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Therese Burch Fri at 12:11 am

I loved all the videos!! Keep them coming! Therese Burch


Therese Burch Fri at 12:26 am

This artist is talented. I’d like to see more from her.


Therese Burch Fri at 12:37 am

Some thing wrong with this one, it would not show correctly. I’d like to see more videos of artists with real talent– not mom’s who are just painting for the first time (like the cat)who don’t yet have any talent. I enjoyed the artist who did the spiderman and the puppy. Not interested in seeing talent less than hers.
Also it became difficult to find the videos. I ended up going back to the end of the Spiderman video each time to find the videos to view them. Am I doing something wrong?


Karen Fri at 1:20 am

Note for Therese:

The videos are all by Heather B at Silly Farm. Her username is sillyheatherb. If you search for her all of her videos will be listed for you to view, you than then subscribe to her videos and anything new that she puts on will be announced to you by email. If you have problems searching for the username (which you shouldn’t), find a video by her and at the top on the right hand side it gives you details of who posted the video. You should see an orange subscribe button click on this to subscribe. You will then be able to access all of her videos via your account under “your subscriptions”.

Hope this helps. Happy viewing.


vicki white Sun at 6:12 am

what was the powder she was using in the spiderman video?


admin Sun at 11:28 pm

She was using Star Blend powders

Hope that helps :-)

Philadelphia Tivoli


Leilani Wed at 3:34 am

great video, really helpful! Only thing is, I wish that they would tell us what kind of brush, and brush number is being used. It’s always easy to identify the smoothie..but distinguishing what brush is being used is difficult.



Cary Wed at 6:48 am

Love the video and the powders and brush used. Were can I get this?


clare Wed at 8:21 pm

i would love more videos of faces being painted. thanks


krissy Sat at 2:47 pm

Hi I think these designs are brill and helpful, I liked the rainbow tip shown earlier. keep them comming cherio xx


Joanne Sun at 7:03 pm

Hi Pauline! Hi Philadelphia! You ladies are doing us a great service by having this blog! Any tricks of the trade and videos are very much appreciated! Could you please tell me how can I make(by mixing colors of Mehron paint which are dry powder cakes) a substancial amount of a certain shade …….say of “lilac” ?


admin Sun at 9:19 pm

Thanks Joanne, it’s great to hear you’re enjoying the blog! If you can’t buy a certain color that you want, then you can always mix your own.

Start with white (white will make up the majority of the color) and a little bit of blue mix this together with a palette knife until you get a dark enough shade (lilac is very light so you won’t need much blue) then add tiny bit of red.

Store it in a small concealed container, (just get something from a 2 dollar shop) and that’s all there is to it :-)

I hope this helps!


Wendy Richards Tue at 11:00 am

These videos have been so helpful. Especially the rainbow. Such a simple yet effective idea that has now seen my unicorn rainbows double in popularity. Thanks so much.


Karen Holland Tue at 3:20 am

Note for Leilani: I emailed Heather and asked her about her brushes. She is really friendly and very helpful so if you have a question I’m sure she will help. Anyway below is her reply on brushes:

“I will be honest, it’s not so much the brush but its the paint. The Wolfe Black seems to last the longest on my brush and it seems to just go forever. My favorite brush of all time is the American painter #5. That brush is so nice and makes all types of lines. But I find that brushes are really a personal thing. Some people prefer a softer brush while I love a stiffer brush. I just started carrying a brush set called the Majestic brush set and that brush set includes 7 brushes of all round sizes, the handles are black acrylic and they are amazing. I think if anything that’s a good way to go because it gives you so many choices. I hope I am not confusing you.”

Hope this helps x


annette ireland Thu at 5:20 pm

Thanks for demo video. I’m usually doing watercolour but am starting my facepainting efforts this Sunday…was told spiderman was popular so was very glad to find such a great video. Thanks!!!!


Maria Falvey Wed at 10:06 pm

My son hates to let me paint his face. After I show him this video I can’t wait to see his reaction. He wanted venom and I wanted a good hero. We finally compromised on the half good and half bad spider=man. I can’t belive I found this video to show him.
You made our superhero camp out . thanks


William Tue at 3:29 pm


What products do you use for your painting works? I use the Pastel Palette from here:


Philadelphia Tivoli Tue at 4:10 pm

Hi William,

We use Snazaroo face paint from


Ava Ball Fri at 8:34 am

Hi Philadelphia,
I really enjoyed this video.
I have a birthday party I’m doing this weekend.
The theme it Spiderman, I didn’t have a code as to how I was going to pull this off. With the help of this video, I’m sure it’ll be a great success.


barb frowen Wed at 8:18 am

thanx for sharing, the video was very helpful, I learn visually. now I can facepaint for my clients! barb


phyllis glassburn Thu at 6:42 pm

love it all keep it coming very helpful


Taylor Fri at 1:49 am

I am doing akids party. Any Ideas?


Philadelphia from Mon at 10:11 pm

Hi Taylor,

Check out these catergories on our blog:

Or subscribe to our face painting lessons and newsletters at the top right hand part of this page:

I’m sure you’ll find enough ideas for kids party :-)

Happy Face Painting,

Philadelphia Tivoli


kerry Sat at 2:50 am

I was asked to do the black spider man at a party and my response was “but he is red” How sill am I?I should have watched the video


kerry Sat at 2:52 am

what sponges are they in the video?


Philadelphia from Sun at 10:05 pm

Hi Kerry,

She is using a smoothie blender to apply the Powder.


roberta Sat at 7:33 pm

Thanks for the spiderman video. It was the third painting I’ve tried & it came out fabulous.Thanks a million.


l. sanchez Wed at 9:49 pm

you make it so easy . it was very good.


Leela paul Sun at 2:10 am

excellant. Thank you. I am on to helping the poor children in India. Such free sites are very helpful and encouraging. Kindly suggest also the things to use. You are doing great service . continue to do this good work. Let your work and all that have prosper.


Tammy Sat at 8:14 am

I am just waking up to realizing that I absolutely LOVE face painting!!!! I have always really loved to draw and all kinds of art stuff, but honestly…. not the greatest unless I take hours and hours… I know, way too much info, I’m sure, but, bare with me… please… I bought a book, by KLUTZ because it was on such a clearance at Target that I couldn’t NOT buy it… originally like 30.00 was 2.48. I am not the kind of person that will ever brag on myself, mainly cuz there hasn’t been anything per say to brag on, but, not to toot my own horn, but TOOT TOOT! I think I have found my calling…. I am definately not looking to be rich, or even a business, but to be able to do a few parties for friends, and to be able to paint faces at the church functions and such, and if someone would offer me money… I definately wouldn’t turn it down…

So, if you have bared with me so far, Your an angel, and you also made that face painting look EFFORTLESS, and I know that it’s not… I love the way that you go through and explain everything and, just the whole thing was done wonderfully.

I am pretty computer illiterate when it comes to u-tube and such (I think that is what the video was through), I don’t even really know how I ran across your video, I know that i was doing a search for something, anywho, I am glad that I did see it, and I would love to see any more that you would have….

Thank you so much for putting these types of how to’s up


Kayla Guy Fri at 1:22 pm

This video helped me alot thank you


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